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two tons o' fun

Two Tons Of Fun

An R & B duo from San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Two Tons Of Fun comprised of

Izora Armstead (Izora Rhodes Armstead) (b. Izora Rhodes Armstead, 1942, Texas, U.S.A. d. 16th September 2004, Near Oakland, California, U.S.A.)


Martha Wash (Martha Elaine Wash, b. 28th December 1953, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.)

This duo first sang together in Gospel groups and Choirs around the Bay Area.

Izora worked alongside the singer Sylvester on many of his disco songs during the Seventies.

Two Tons O'Fun

She, and her singing partner, Martha Wash performed on Sylvester's dance classic 'You Make Me Feel Mighty Real'.

The pair then left the Sylvester stable for a short solo career for the Fantasy label under their new group name, Two Tons of Fun.


The album, 'Two Tons O' Fun' contained the track 'Taking Away Your Space', whilst a second album in 1980 was entitled 'Backatcha'.

In 1982, the Two Tons of Fun moved to Columbia and changed their name to the Weather Girls, whose biggest success was the U.K. number 2 hit, 'It's Raining Men'.

After three albums, the Weather Girls were dropped by Columbia, and the pair, whilst remaining friends, went their separate musical ways.

Izora then relocated to Frankfurt, Germany, 15 years ago.

She then formed a new version of the Weather Girls with her daughter Dynell Rhodes.

In 2004, Izora returned to California to undergo treatment for heart-related problems.

She passed away from heart failure in California at the San Leandro Hospital on the 16th September 2004, at the age of 62.

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Two Tons Of Fun (Honey Records 1980)

Backatcha (Honey Records 1980)

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