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tommie young

Tommie Young

b. Tommie Young (a.k.a. Tommye Young-West), Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Tommie Young was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

Tommie started singing in her fathers’ (Bishop T. L. Young) church, at the age of five years.

Since an adolescent, she has worked and performed nationally in the Church of God in Christ.

In the early Seventies, whilst singing in a Dallas nightclub, she was watched by Bobby Patterson, a producer and artist, who liked her voice, and signed her to his Soul Power (a subsidiary of the Jewel Record Company) imprint in 1972.

Her first single was a cover of the O.V. Wright song 'That's How Strong My Love Is', which was accompanied by the Percy Sledge song 'Take Time To Know Her'.

Bobby recorded the songs as instrumentals, sending them to Shreveport in Louisiana, where Tommie laid down the vocal sections to complete the recording in Bobby's studio's.

That's How Strong My Love Is' didn't chart, but later became a Soul evergreen 'Do You Still Feel the Same Way' (written by Bobby Patterson and his label co-owner, Jerry Strickland) was the follow up single.

The next single, the Bobby Patterson penned 'She Don't Have to See You (To See Through You)' followed and became a minor chart hit.

The song was big in the Southern States, and reached number 28 on the national R&B chart.

Do You Feel The Same Way?

do you feel the same way? - 1973

An album called 'Do You Still Feel the Same Way' followed in 1973, accompanied by several further singles, including 'You Brought It All On Yourself', 'You Came Just In Time', 'Get Out Of My Life' and 'I'm Gonna See You Through'.

The album 'Do You Still Feel the Same Way' featured Dorothy Moore on background vocals.

Eveerybody's GotHit & Run Lover

everybody's got a little devil in their soul - 1972 / hit and run lover - 1972

One such 45 was the hugely popular 'Hit & Run Lover' b/w 'Take Time To Know Him', which became a favourite amongst Northern Soul fans, and was also featured on the parent album.

UK label Contempo issued two singles in 1972 / 3 (including 'She Don't Have To See You' b/w 'That's All A Part Of Loving Him'), plus two of the same sides on their 1975 album 'Soul Deep Volume 1'.

The songs were unenthusiastically promoted, and one final 45 was released in 1975, entitled, 'Get Out of My Life', after which Tommie returned to Dallas to sing in the Dallas church at which her father was pastor.

A Woman Called Moses

a woman called moses - 1978

In 1978, her music was featured in a film based upon the life of Harriet Tubman, entitled 'A Woman Called Moses', which featured Cicely Tyson.

The soundtrack was penned by Coleridge Taylor Perkinson and the late Van McCoy.

In 1983, a Japanese P-Vine album of Tommie's Soul Power output included three previously unissued tracks, and U.K. Charly released a total of seven sides on their 80's compilations 'Southern Soul Belles' and 'Soul Jewels Volume 2'.

Tommie also performed on the Dinah Shore Show, and sang background vocals for Doc Severson on his 'Night Journey' album.

She was also a featured soloist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and North Carolina Symphony Orchestra.

Tommie changed her name, after getting married to Calvin R. West Jnr., to Tommye Young-West, and recorded several gospel albums in the past two decades.

She also recorded the song 'Patriotic Medley' which was dedicated to the victims of 9/11 in New York City.

In 1992, at the Texas Republican Convention, Tommye was featured in a performance prior to the address of the former first lady, Mrs. Barbara Bush.

In 2001, 'Hit and Run Lover' was reissued on the Jazzman label, with the Esther Williams rare groove 'Last Night Changed It All' on the flip.

Just Call Me TommyeBelieve

just call me tommye - 1993 / believe - 2000

Now  Is The TimeCreated To Worship

now is the time - 2003 / created to worship - 2008

Tommye Young-West has worked with, or alongside the likes of Stevie Wonder, D.J. Rogers, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, Take Six, Al Green, and Edwin Hawkins.

Tommie Young

Real Player


Do You Still Feel the Same Way? (Soul Power Records 1973)

Just Call Me Tommye (Command Records 1993)

Believe (live recording) (Serious Records 2000)

Do You Still Feel the Same Way? ...Plus (Westside Records 2003) (re-issue with bonus tracks)

Now Is The Time (One Luv Entertainment 2003)

Created To Worship (One Luv Entertainment 2008)

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