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terry callier

terry callier

b. Terrence Orlando Callier, 1st September 1941, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

d. 28th October 2012, Saint Joseph Hospital, North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Terry Callier hails from Chicago, Illinois.

He was a childhood friend of Curtis Mayfield's.

Terry grew up singing in the Cabrini–Green housing area district of Chicago, and was a member of several competing doo-wop groups.

He was first recorded by Chess Records in 1962, releasing the single 'Look At Me Now'.

Recorded in 1965, his debut album for Prestige was delayed for almost four years when the producer went AWOL.

Eventually released in 1968, the album showcased a blossoming talent.

The New Folk SoundOccasional RainWhat Color Is LoveI Just Can't Help Myself

the new folk sound of terry callier - 1968 / occasional rain - 1972 / what color is love? - 1973 / i just can't help myself - 1975

Terry never received the wider acclaim that ought to have been, however, there followed a series of excellent albums for Cadet and Elektra in the 70's.

Many of these albums have been, subsequently, re-released at the turn of the millennium.

Fire On IceTurn You To Love

fire on ice - 1978 / turn you to love - 1979

In amongst these pieces of excellence is the 1978 album 'Fire On Ice', including the excellent 'African Violet'. A soul masterpiece.

'Turn You To Love' followed a year later and that contained a re-working of 'Ordinary Joe', 'Sign Of The Times' and the, quite excellent, 'Pyramids Of Love'.

Terry Callier

He retired from music in 1983 to become a computer programmer at the University Of Chicago.

In the early 90's, English acid jazz DJs Gilles Peterson and Russ Dewbury revived dancefloor interest in Callier's music, echoing his earlier popularity on the 70's Northern Soul scene.

Drawn back to performing in Europe, Terry recorded his first album of new material in over 20 years for the London based Talkin' Loud label.

The resulting 'Time Peace' gained strong reviews and became a success on the U.K. soul scene.

Terry had collaborated with Orton the previous year on her 'Best Bits' EP.

His follow up album 'Lifeline', released in 1999, was less well received by the music industry but was regarded very highly by soul punters.

By 2001, all of Calliers' back catalogue became available on CD.

In 2002, Terry's vocals graced an album by Swedish group Koop on the track 'In A Heartbeat' and an album followed the same year entitled 'Speak Your Peace' on Mr Bongo Records.

Terry collaborated with Bluey from Incognito of a couple of tracks.

Hidden Conversations hidden conversations

2009 saw the release of 'Hidden Conversations' on Mr Bongo Records.

On the 28th of October 2012, Terry passed away at his home in Chicago, following a long illness. He was 67.

Terry Callier achieved 'cult' status in the U.K. amongst soul followers and rightly so.

Terry Callier

Real Player


The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier (Prestige Records 1968)

Occasional Rain (Cadet Records 1972)

What Colour Is Love? (Cadet Records 1973)

I Just Can't Help Myself (Cadet Records 1975)

Fire On Ice (Elektra Records 1978)

Turn You To Love (Elektra Records 1979)

I Don't Want To See Myself (Without You) mini-album (Acid Jazz Records 1991)

TC. In D.C. (Premonition Records 1997)

First Light (Premonition Records 1998)

Time Peace (Talkin' Loud Records 1998)

Lifetime (Talkin' Loud Records 1999)

Alive (@ The Jazz Cafe in London) (Talkin' Loud Records 2001)

Speak Your Peace (Mr Bongo Records 2002)

Lookin' Out (Mr Bongo Records 2004)

Hidden Conversations (Mr Bongo Records 2009)

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