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Bluey From Incognito

Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick (b. 19th February 1957, Mauritius)

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Incognito are considered one of the true pioneers of the early Jazz Funk Scene.

The nucleus of the group is Jean Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, who's roots trace back to membership of another of the U.K.'s finest exports Light Of The World.

Bluey's original musical colleague in the band was Paul 'Tubs' Williams, along with a changing collection of friends and associates including Ganiyu 'Gee' Bello, Ray Carless, Jef Dunn, Vin Gordon and Peter Hinds.

Incognito began their trip to popularity when a demo single, 'Parisienne Girl', received such strong club and radio support that it was made an official release, charting at number 73 in the U.K. charts in 1980.


jazz funk - 1979 / inside life - 1991 / tribes, vibes and scribes - 1992 / positivity - 1993

The group only released one album, 'Jazz Funk', utilising this group of performers.

They also released a track on UK 12" entitled 'North London Boy' in 1981.

Paul 'Tubs' Williams joined The Team, a funk group assembled by Gee Bello, also working with Bluey on his Warriors side project.

During the 1990's, at the request of Talking Loud Records, Incognito began a renaissance.

This time, a variety of guest singers were included in the line-up. 'Always There' (1991) featured the vocals of Jocelyn Brown, and was also remixed by David Morales.

It reached number 6 in the UK charts.


100 degrees and rising - 1995 / beneath the surface - 1996 / no time like the future - 1999 / life stranger than fiction - 2001

Maysa Leak, who had begun by guesting on their 1991 single 'Crazy For You', left the band amicably in June 1994 and still collaborated with Bluey from time to time.

The album 'Positivity' sold 350,000 copies in the USA, a blossoming market where Bluey was also beginning to enjoy success as a producer (Ray Simpson, Chaka Khan, George Benson).

For 1995's fifth album the new vocal recruits were Joy Malcolm (ex-Young Disciples) and Pamela Anderson (a relative of sisters Carleen and Jhelisa Anderson).

1999's, 'No Time Like The Future' became highly popular on Jazz FM's playlist in the U.K. with 'Marrakech' highlighting.

This set heralded the return of Maysa Leak, Jocelyn Brown and UK based soul singer, Chris Ballin.

The group also recorded under the title 'Inner Shade', releasing an album entitled '4 Corners', which was released on Expansion Records in the UK.

The album featured the vocals of Maysa Leak and Chris Ballin amongst others.

In 2001, a new album was released entitled 'Life Stranger Than Fiction'.

The album's title reflected sadnesses in Bluey's personal life with the news that his girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer.

The album was the final outing recorded for the Talking Loud label.


who needs love - 2002 / adventures in black sunshine - 2004 / eleven - 2005 / bees + things + flowers - 2006

In 2003, Incognito released 'Who Needs Love' on the excellent U.K. label, Dome Records.

The following year the album 'Adventures In Black Sunshine' was released on the same label.


tales from the beach - 2008 / transatlantic r.p.m. - 2010 / surreal - 2012 / amplified soul - 2014

2008 saw the release of 'Tales From The Beach' on the Dome Records imprint, which was followed by 'Transatlantic RPM' in 2010, and 'Surreal' in 2012.

In 2014, the group released 'Amplified Soul' for the Shanachie imprint in Japan.

The album was not a departure from Dome Records, but an extra curricular release.

Incognito and MaysaInto You 2023

bluey and maysa at the forum in london 2003. photo courtesy of sal idriss via dome records

past and current members:

Matt Cooper: keyboards, musical director

Vanessa Haynes: vocals

Mo Brandis: vocals

Natalie Williams: vocals

Francis Hylton: bass

Francesco Mendolia: drums

João Caetano: Percussion

Sid Gauld: trumpet

Jamie Anderson: sax/flute

Trevor Mires: trombone

Maysa Leak: vocals

Tony Momrelle: vocals

Imaani: vocals

Chris Botti

Jocelyn Brown

Joy Rose: vocals

Pete Ray Biggin

Nick Doobay

Carleen Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Graham Harvey: keyboards

Dominic 'Ski' Oakenfull: production/keyboards

Julian Crampton: bass

Richard Bailey: drums

Christopher Ballin

Marc Anthoni

Xavier Barnett

Bud Beadle

Kelli Sae

Karen Bernod

Max Beesley

Richard Bull: production/guitar

Simon Cotsworth: production/programming

Sarah Brown

Ray Carless

Patrick Clahar

Matt Coleman

Chris DeMargary

Thomas Dyani-Akuru

Gail Evans

Adrian Fry

Andy Gangadeen

Gavin Harrison

Peter Hinds

Randy Hope-Taylor

Ed Jones

Joy Malcolm

Linda Muriel

Quinton Caruthers

Kevin Robinson

Winston Rollins

Gary Sanctuary


Karl Vandenbossche

Fayyaz Virji

Tyrone Henry

Tony Remy

Andy Ross

Nichol Thomson


Paul Weller

Real Player


Jazz Funk (Ensign Records 1981)

Inside Life (Talking Loud Records 1991)

Tribes, Vibes And Scribes (Talking Loud Records 1992)

Positivity (Talking Loud Records 1993)

100 Degrees And Rising (Talking Loud Records 1995)

Beneath The Surface (Talking Loud Records 1996)

No Time Like The Future (Talking Loud Records 1999)

Life Stranger Than Fiction (Talking Loud Records 2001)

Who Needs Love (Dome Records 2003)

Adventures In Black Sunshine (Dome Records 2003)

Eleven (Dome Records 2005)

Bees + Things + Flowers (Dome Records 2006)

Tales From The Beach (Dome Records 2008)

Transatlantic RPM (Dome Records 2010)

Surreal (Dome Records 2012)

Amplified Soul (Shanachie Records 2014)

In Search Of Better Days (Shanachie Records 2016)

Into You (Splash Blue Records 2023)

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