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ted taylor

Ted Taylor

b. Austin 'Ted' Taylor, 16th February 1934, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

d. 22nd November 1987, Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Ted Taylor was born in Oklahoma, and grew up in a Okmulgee, where his parents gave him a Gospel upbringing.

Ted's career began in the early Sixties and ran throughought his lifetime.

He was a veteran of several spiritual groups including the Mighty Clouds Of Joy and the Santa Monica Soul Seekers, during his career.

The CadetsThe Cadets the cadets

The Santa Monica Soul Seekers then moved towards a more secular sound, where they worked a dual career both as the Cadets and the Jacks, who recorded for the Modern Records imprint.

The JacksThe Cadets

why don't you write me' b/w 'my darling' the jacks - 1955 / 'standed in the jungle' the cadets - 1956 singles

Recording as the Jacks, the group released the ballad 'Why Don't You Write Me' b/w 'My Darling' (number 4 R & B, number 82 pop) in 1955 for the RPM Records label.

Under the name, the Cadets, the group had a hit with song 'Stranded In The Jungle' (number 4 R & B, number 15 pop), in 1956 for the Modern Records label. Ted was the first tenor.

The complete group members were Lloyd McCraw, Willie Davis, Austin 'Ted' Taylor, Aaron Collins, Glendon Kingsby, and Will 'Dub' Jones.

'Stranded' was a cover version of a record by the original Jayhawks.

Additionally, 'Why Don't You Write Me' was a cover version of a record, originally by the Feathers.

When the group left Modern in 1957, Ted Taylor departed the group and established a solo career.

By 1957, Ted had been signed to the Ebb Records imprint.

At Ebb he released 'Everywhere I Go' b/w 'Days Are Dark', 'If I Don't See You Again' b/w 'Keep Walking On', in 1957, followed by 'Wrapped Up In A Dream' b/w 'Very Truly Yours', the following year.

Ted recorded sides for several other labels, including Duke Records (in 1959), Top Rank International Records (in 1960/61), Melatone Records (in 1961), Warwick Records (in 1961) and Laurie Records (also in 1961).

At the Duke imprint he recorded his first version of the soul ballad 'Be Ever Wonderful' b/w 'Since You're Home' in 1959.

In the next two years he moved from label to label, recording for Golden Eagle, Soncraft, Dade, Apt and United Artists before moving on to the OKeh label.

His Okeh recordings (for the Columbia subsidiary which were recorded in Chicago and Nashville) began in 1962, ran for four years, and included 'Stay Away From My Baby' b/w Walking Out Of Your Life'.

Be Ever WonderfulIf I Don't See You Again

be ever wonderful - 1963 / if i don't ever see you again - 1957 single

Ted then released a debut album, entitled 'Be Ever Wonderful' for OKeh in 1963.

Keep Walking OnIt's Too Late

keep walking on - 1966 / it's too late - 1969 singles

On leaving OKeh, Ted spent a year at Jewel Records before joining the Ronn label in 1968.

His Ronn Records catalogue, where he spent nearly a decade at the label, included 'I Need Your Love So Bad' b/w 'Ollie Mae' (in 1968).

Shades Of BlueYou Can Dig It

shades of blue - 1970 / / you can dig it - 1970

Taylor MadeThe Super Taylors

taylor made - 1971 / the super taylors - 1974

He released four albums at Ronn in between 1970 and 1974, which were entitled 'You Can Dig It' (in 1970), Shades Of Blue' (in 1970), 'Taylor Made' (in 1971) and 'Ted Taylor and Little Johnny' (in 1974).

Ted left Ronn in 1974 and relocated to Alarm Records in 1975.

Ted TaylorKeeping My Head Above Water

ted taylor - 1976 / keeping my head above water - 1978

His later imprints included, the aforementioned, Alarm label (where he released 'Ted Taylor' in 1976), MCA (where he released 'Keeping My Head Above Water' in 1978), Solpugdits (including 'Be Ever Wonderful' in 1985)and Watts City, where he recorded his last 45 in 1983, entitled 'I'm Leaving You'.

Sadly, a car accident claimed his life on the 22nd of November 1987 in Louisiana. He was 53.

Steal AwayBe Ever Wonderful

steal away - 1991 / be ever wonderful - 1998

Real Player


Be Ever Wonderful (Laurie Records 1963)

You Can Dig It (Ronn Records 1970)

Shades of Blue (Ronn Records 1970)

Taylor Made (Jewel Records 1971)

Ted Taylor & Little Johnny (Ronn Records 1974)

Ted Taylor (Alarm Records 1976)

Keeping My Head Above Water (MCA Records 1978)

Keep Walking On (Charly Records 1980)

It's Too Late (Charly Records 1980)

Steal Away (Paula / Flyright Records 1991)

Be Ever Wonderful (Marginal Records 1998)

Somebody's Gettin' It (Basix Records 2001)

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