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Ruby Andrews

b. Barbara Jean Stackhouse, 12th March 1947, Hollandale, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Soul songstress, Ruby Andrews, was born is Mississippi and is, these days, Chicago based.

She is, probably, best remembered for the songs 'Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)" (released in 1967 and later covered by the group Coffee), 'You Made A Believer (Out Of Me)' (released in 1969), and 'Everybody Saw You' (released in 1970).

Ruby was associated with the group The Vondells (who recorded 'Errand Boy' and 'Lenora' in 1964 for Marvello Records), and was a night club dancer during her career.

Ruby's first recordings were for the Kelmac imprint.

Please Tell MeCasanova

please tell me - 1965 / casanova (your playing days are over) - 1967

Recording under the name of Ruby Stackhouse, she released 'Please Tell Me' b/w 'Wishing' in 1965 for Kelmac.

She later recorded at, the Chicago based, Ric Williams owned, Zodiac Records, from 1967 onwards.

Her debut song for the label was called ''Let's Get A Groove Going On', which was followed up with 'Johnny's Gone Away'.

The third single, the 1967 song 'Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)' b/w 'I Just Don't Believe It', reached number 9 in the R&B charts, number 51 pop.

'Casanova' was co-written and produced by another Chicago native, Joshie Jo Armstead, although the tune was recorded and arranged by Mike Terry in Detroit.

Successful follow-ups on Zodiac included 'You Made a Believer (Out of Me)' b/w 'Where Have You Gone?' (number 18 in the R&B charts and number 96 in the pop charts in 1969) and 'Everybody Saw You' b/w 'Can You Get Away' (number 34 in the R&B charts in 1970).

Ruby recorded for Zodiac between 1967 and 1973, releasing 16 singles and one album.

Many of the Zodiac recordings were produced and written by Fred Bridges, Robert Eaton and Richard Knight, who also wrote for the vocal group, Brothers Of Soul.

Just Loving YouBlack Ruby

just loving you - 1968 / black ruby - 1972

She released the album 'Black Ruby' on Zodiac in 1972, which contained the Northern Soul favourite 'Just Lovin' You'.

Ruby left Zodiac in 1973 and relocated to ABC Records in 1976, remaining there until ABC folded the following year, the company burning much of the recorded product as a result.

Genuine Ruby FrontGenuine Ruby Rear

genuine ruby - 1977

In 1977, Ruby released the album 'Genuine Ruby' for the ABC, which featured the song 'Merry Go Round' and 'Queen Of The Disco'.

‘Casanova’, saw a new lease of life in 1980, when another Chicago group, called Coffee, released a dance version of the song that went to number 13 in the U.K., but proved unsuccessful on the other side of the Atlantic.

CasanovaKiss This

casanova (compilation album) - 1990 / kiss this - 1991

Ruby also recorded for Ichiban Records in California, with producer Swamp Dogg, in 1991 on the album 'Kiss This'.

In 1993, she recorded a further song entitled 'I Got What I Want At Home' b/w 'To The Other Woman' for Ichiban.

Hip Shakin' MamaJust Loving You

hip shakin' mama - 1998 / just loving you - 2004

In 2004, Grapevine Records released a retrospective, entitled 'Just Loving You'.

Ruby Andrews is also the CEO of Genuine Ruby Records LLC.

Ruby Andrews

Real Player


Black Ruby (Zodiac Records 1972)

Genuine Ruby (ABC Records 1977)

Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) (Collectables Records 1990)

Kiss This (Ichiban Records 1991)

Hip Shakin' Mama (Ripete Records 1998)

Just Loving You (Grapevine Records 2004)

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