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swamp dogg

Swamp Dogg

b. Jerry Williams Jnr., 12th July 1942, Portsmouth, Virginia, U.S.A.

Jerry Williams is a songwriter and record producer.

He records under the name, Swamp Dogg, and releases some of the most unusually titled records in R&B.

In the Sixties, Jerry worked with Jerry Wexler and Phil Walden which led to him working for a number of years as a producer, engineer and songwriter with Atlantic.

In 1970 released his first LP record, 'Total Destruction to Your Mind', with Jerry on the cover in his underwear.

His 1971 album, 'Rat On!', featuring Jerry on the back of a large white rat!

His output was consistent throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's.

In 2013, Swamp Dogg's early albums were reissued on Alive Naturalsound, including 'Total Destruction to Your Mind' and 'Rat On!'.

Swamp DoggSwamp DoggSwamp DoggSwamp Dogg

total destruction to your mind - 1970 / rat on! - 1971 / cuffed, collared and tagged - 1972 / gag a maggot - 1973

Swamp DoggSwamp DoggSwamp DoggSwamp Dogg

have you heard this story? - 1974 / you ain't never too old to boogie - 1976 / finally caught up with myself - 1977 / doing a party tonight - 1980

Swamp DoggSwamp DoggSwamp DoggSwamp Dogg

i'm not selling out, i'm buying in - 1981 / swamp dogg - 1982 / i called for a rope and they threw me a rock - 1989 / surfin' in harlem - 1991

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Total Destruction To Your Mind (Canyon Records 1970)

Swamp Dogg (Rat On) (Elektra Records 1971)

Cuffed, Collared And Tagged (Cream Records 1972)

Gag A Maggot (Stonedogg Records 1973)

Have You Heard This Story? (Island Records 1974)

Finally Caught Up With Myself (Musicor Records 1977)

I'm Not Selling Out, I'm Buying In (Takoma Records 1981)

Swamp Dogg (Wizard Records 1982)

I Called For A Rope And They Threw Me A Rock (SDEG Records 1989)

Surfin' In Harlem (Volt Records 1991)

Angel South (Capitol Records 1993)

Excellent Sides Of Swamp Dogg (SDEG Records 1996)

Re-Invention Of Swamp Dogg (SDEG Records 2000)

If I Ever Kiss It ... He Can Kiss It Goodbye (SDEG Records 2003)

Resurrection (SDEG Records 2007)

Give Em As Little As You Can (S-Curve Records 2009)

An Awful Christmas and a Lousy New Year (SDEG Records 2009)

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