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rahsaan patterson

Rahsaan Patterson

b. Rahsaan Patterson, 11th January 1974, New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Rahsaan Patterson was born in New York and was named after the jazz sax artist, Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Today he resides in Los Angeles.

He began singing in church from the age of six, relocating with his family from New York to California to star in the children's show 'Kids Incorporated'.

Rahsaan Patterson 1997

In 1997, he released a debut album, for the MCA imprint, that was well received amongst the Soul fraternity.

Rahsaan has sung background vocals extensively, and co-wrote two hit singles 'Back To The World', written with Keith Crouch for Tevin Campbell, and 'Baby', written with Les Pierce for Brandy.

He has, also, written for the artists Jody Watley and Donell Jones.

Les Pierce, Keith Crouch, Jammy Jaz, Ira Schick and Dinky Bingham all featured on his, self titled, debut outing in 1997.

That set featured some fine Soul offerings, including the excellent 'Don't Wanna Lose It'.

Love In Stereo 1999

In 1999, there followed the fine album 'Love In Stereo', showcasing a maturing singer / songwriter, with the tracks 'Friend Of Mine', 'It Ain't Love' and 'It's Alright' highlighting.

The latter tune was covered by smooth jazz artist, Marion Meadows, proof indeed that Rahsaan had truly arrived as a major artist in the Modern Soul gengre.

2000 was a difficult year for the singer following the death of his father.

In 2001, Rahsaan joined forces with jazz guitarist Jonathan Butler on a new project entitled 'The Source'.

A new set was due for release and was, reportedly, titled 'The Best' in 2003.

After Hours 2004

By 2004, Rahsaan found himself recording with the artists Van Hunt and Jamey Jaz and released an album entitled 'After Hours' for the independent Dome Records imprint in London.

One song from the set, entitled 'Seperate', reflected the seperation of his parents in the past, along with his previous waning work relationship with the MCA label.

Rahsaan Patterson 2007

2007 saw the release of a new album entitled 'Wines and Spirits' for the U.K. based Dome Records imprint.

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Rahsaan Patterson (MCA 1997)

Love In Stereo (MCA 1999)

The Source (MCA 2001)

The Best (Universal 2003)

After Hours (Dome Records 2004)

Wines and Spirits (Dome Records 2007)

The Ultimate Gift (Dome Records 2008)

Bleuphoria (Dome Records 2011)

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