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Paul Kelly

b. Paul Laurence Dunbar Kelly, 19th June 1940, Overtown, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Paul Kelly is a singer, songwriter and producer, who hails from Miami, U.S.A.

Born in 1940, Paul was the fourth of six siblings, and was brought up by his grandmother.

He began singing in the local groups, The Spades, who later became The Valadeers, when he became a teenager.

In 1960, the Valadeers released the song 'Dry Your Eyes b/w 'The Big Sound' for the Dade imprint.

Paul left the group and recorded the song 'I'll String Along With You', also for the Dade Records imprint, the song, however, remained unreleased.

It was in the early 1960's that Clarence Reid invited Paul to join his own group, The Delmires.

Sooner Or LaterIt's My BabyChills & FeverStealing In The Name

sooner or later - 1963 / it's my baby - 1965 / chills & fever - 1968 / stealing in the name of the lord - 1970

In 1963 the Delmires recorded 'Down With It Can't Quit It' b/w 'Sooner Or Later' for the Selma imprint.

Paul left the group to pursue a solo career, releasing his debut solo 45, 'It's My Baby' b/w 'The Upset', for the Lloyd imprint in 1965.

He continued his collaboration with Clarence Reid, recording songs up until the end of the Sixties, including 'Chills And Fever' b/w 'Only Your Love' in 1968, for the Dial imprint, (a single later recorded by the U.K. singer Tom Jones).

Paul also released four singles on Philips Records, including 'Nine Out Of Ten Times' b/w 'I Need Your Love So Bad' in 1966, 'Cryin For My Baby' b/w 'Sweet, Sweet Lovin' in 1967, 'If This Old House Could Talk' b/w 'You Don't Know, You Just Don't Know' in 1967 and 'My Love Is Growing Stronger' b/w 'Glad To Be Sad' in 1968.

Paul Kelly

The song which really elevated Paul's profile in the States came with the song 'Stealing In The Name Of The Lord' b/w 'The Day After Forever' in 1970, which was a single he had penned for Sam & Dave, although the duo declined the song at the time.

'Stealing In The Name Of The Lord' caused a stir amongst the Gospel community due to it's subject matter, however, the song realised a release for the Happy Tiger imprint.

It was a later to become a favourite on the U.K.'s Northern Soul Scene.

At Happy Tiger, he also released the songs '509' b/w 'Sailing' in 1970, 'Poor But Proud' b/w 'Hot Runnin' Soul' in 1970, and 'Hangin' On In There b/w 'Soul Flow' in 1971.

These Happy Tiger 45's were produced by the country producer Buddy Killen.

Happy Tiger then folded in 1971, and Paul switched imprints to the Warner Brothers label.

DirtDon't Burn MeHooked, HogtiedStand On The Positive Side

dirt - 1972 / don't burn me - 1973 / hooked, hogtied & collared - 1974 / stand on the positive side - 1977

Warners allowed Paul to expand his portfolio, releasing the album 'Dirt' in 1972, 'Don't Burn Me' in 1973 and 'Hooked, Hogtied and Collared' in 1974.

Paul self penned the songs 'Poor But Proud', 'Hangin' On In There' and '509' for his 1972 album (old Happy Tiger sides), and 'Take It Away From Him And Put It On Me', for his 1974 album.

Paul Kelly

A final Warner's album was entitled 'Stand On The Positive Side', co-produced by Gene Page in 1976.

He then relocated to the Epic imprint for 'Everybody's Got A Jones' b/w 'Shake Your Mind (Like You Shake Your Butt)' in 1978, and switched labels again to A&M Records for 'I've Been To The Wall Before' b/w 'I Love The Way You Love' in 1981.

He then set-up the Laurence Records label in 1983, under the pseudonym Laurence Dunbar.

As 'Paul Kelly' he released 'Livin' In A Dream', 'Children Are Listenin' and 'I Keep Holding On' in 1984, followed by 'Gonna Stick And Stay' (in 1992) and 'Let's Celebrate Life' (in 1999).

Laurence Records eventually folded in 1991.

Gonna Stick & StayLet's Celebrate Life

gonna stick & stay - 1992 / let's celebrate life - 1999

Paul later recorded an album entitled 'Gonna Stick And Stay', in New Orleans in mid 1992.

In 1994, he suffered a heart failure followed by another attack in 1995, the second incident also triggered a stroke.

His illness affected his vocal chords, however, in 1998 Paul recorded a new album, entitled 'Let's Celebrate Life', in South Carolina, for the Ripete Records imprint.

In late 2011, he released an album entitled '1984'.

During his career Paul wrote 'Personally', for the soul singer Jackie Moore, a song also recorded by the country singers Karla Bonoff and Ronnie McDowell.

Paul Kelly

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Dirt (Warner Brothers Records 1972)

Don't Burn Me (Warner Brothers Records 1973)

Hooked, Hogtied And Collared (Warner Brothers Records 1974)

Stand On The Positive Side (Warner Brothers Records 1977)

Gonna Stick and Stay (Bullseye Blues Records 1992)

Let's Celebrate Life (Ripete Records 1999)

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