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oliver cheatham

Oliver Cheatham

b. Oliver Cheatham, 24th February 1948, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

d. 29th November 2013, United Kingdom

Oliver Cheatham was first encouraged to sing by his gospel-trained mother.

He was, originally, with the groups The Young Sirs (whose line up featured: Mike Johnson, Allen Cocker, Oliver Cheatham, Ronald Noel & Van Johnson), Butch and the Newports, Mad Dog And The Pups and The Gaslight.

His first single release was 'Hard Times' recorded for his local label Tier.

Following that release he met Al Perkins and became lead singer of the band Sins Of Satan, the band later being re-named Roundtrip and then re-named Oliver.

After two albums for the group Oliver, Cheatham signed for MCA as a solo artist.

Oliver CheathamOliver CheathamOliver CheathamOliver Cheatham

the boss - 1982 / saturday night - 1982 / go for it - 1988 / get down saturday night - 1990

Oliver working with fellow Detroiters Al Hudson and One Way had a Top 40 R & B hit with the dance classic, 'Get Down Saturday Night,' on MCA Records.

Written by Oliver and One Way keyboardist / multi-instrumentalist Kevin McCord, 'Get Down Saturday Night,' made it to number 37 R & B on Billboard's R & B chart in spring 1983.

It was included on his album 'Saturday Night', executively produced by Al Perkins and issued in summer 1983.

The LP also boasted the dance track 'Make Up Your Mind'.

'Something About You,' has the playful feel of another One Way related hit, Alicia Myers, 'You Get The Best From Me,'.

The follow up single was the solid mid-tempo groover 'Bless The Ladies'.

The flipside of the single, the chugging 'Just To Be With You,' was released as a promo-only (not available at record stores) single which included a seven minutes plus remix.

Oliver sang falsetto on gentle ballad, 'Do Me Right,'

The ballads, 'Through It All,' and 'Never Gonna Give You Up,' are on par with some of One Way's ballads such as 'Something In The Past'.

'Get Down Saturday Night,' can be found on the 1998 Crimson CD, Soul Weekender.

Oliver Cheatham

with jocelyn brown

Oliver's other charting singles were Top 40 R & B hit, 'S.O.S', 'Celebrate Our Love,' - both on Critique and two duets with Jocelyn Brown (Inner Life,'Somebody Else's Guy,'), 'Turn Out The Lights,' & 'Mindbuster,' both on New York based Warlock Records.

Other Oliver Cheatham singles are 'Mama Said', 'Put A Little Love In Your Heart,' 'Things To Make U Happy', 'Turning Point' and 'Wish On A Star.'

Oliver CheathamOliver Cheatham

so sensational - 1995 / stand for love - 2002

More recently, Cheatham has recorded, for the London based band, Native Soul, weighing in with a fine garage version of the old standard 'Our Day Will Come'. Fine stuff.

In addition to recording background vocals for One Way, Oliver has also sung with Melissa Manchester and Leo Sayer!

A new CD entitled 'Stand For Love' received a release in Japan in 2002.

In 2003, Oliver made a surprise appearance with the band Room 5 on a track called 'Make Luv', which was based around the song 'Get Down Saturday Night'. The song hit number one in the U.K.

Oliver passed away in November 2013 at the age of 65.

Oliver Cheatham

Oliver CheathamOliver Cheatham

Real Player


The Boss (MCA Records 1982)

Saturday Night (MCA Records 1983)

Go For It (ZYX Records 1988)

Turn On The Hits (Bellaphon Records 1991)

So Sensational (Dance Masters Records 1995)

Stand For Love (Cyclone Records 2002)

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