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One Way

Formed  1979 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

From Detroit, One Way was founded by AI Hudson (vocals / percussion), Kevin McCord (bass / keyboards) and Dave Roberson (lead guitar).

Other members of the group included Candye Edwards (now Candye McCord, Kevin's wife), Cortez Harris (guitar), Alicia Myers (vocals), Brenda Wiley (vocals), Leroy Hyter (sax/keyboards), Gregg Gregg (drums) and more recently Jeanette Mack (vocals), Lorrie Tice (vocals), Valdez Brantley (keyboards) and Jonathan 'Corky' Meadows (keyboards).

They first recorded as One Way Featuring Al Hudson before becoming One Way.

They were on MCA from 1980 to 1988 and were consistent performers, if not major stars.

The group began life as AI Hudson & The Soul Partners, scoring popularity with songs including 'Spread Love', prior to becoming One Way Featuring AI Hudson in 1979.

Switching from ABC to MCA (essentially the same company), the group delivered a series of albums including:

'One Way' (1979), including 'You Can Do It' 'Music' (UK Top 75) and 'I Am Under Your Spell';

'One Way' (again, 1980), including 'Let's Go Out Tonight'

'Shine On Me' (1983)

'Lady' (1984), including 'Lady You Are'

'Wrap Your Body' (1985), including 'Let's Talk About Sex' (UKTop75) and 'Serving It'

and 'IX' (1986), including 'Don't Think About It' and the Deodato produced 'You Better Quit'.

In 1987, they recorded 'Turn Up The Music' for Extra Records prior to signing with Capitol for 'A New Beginning' (1988), including 'Driving Me Crazy'.

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Spread Love (ABC 1978)

One Way Featuring Al Hudson (MCA 1979)

One Way - One Way Featuring Al Hudson (MCA 1980)

Love Is... (MCA 1981)

Fancy Dancer (MCA 1981)

Wild Night (MCA 1982)

Who's Foolin' Who (MCA 1981)

Shine On Me (MCA 1983)

Lady (MCA 1984)

Wrap Your Body (MCA 1985)

IX (Nine) (MCA 1986)

Turn Up The Music (Extra 1987)

A New Beginning (MCA 1989)

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