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lesette wilson

Lesette Wilson

b. Lesette Denise Wilson, Queens, New York, New York State, U.S.A.

Born in Queens, New York, pianist / producer / songwriter Lesette Wilson began her career as a fusion and jazz-rock performer.

She was a featured keyboardist on Tom Browne's 'Love Approach' LP in 1980, notably on his big hit 'Funkin' For Jamaica.'

That led to a solo deal with Headfirst Records, and Lesette's 'Now That I've Got Your Attention' was issued in 1981.

Now That I've Got Your AttentionLesette Wilson

now that i've got your attention - 1981 / unmasked - 1993

Prior to the release of this album, Lesette recorded three latin / salsa albums.

That set included the track 'Caveman Boogie', which is now highly collectable on the U.K. rare groove scene.

In 1986 Lesette teamed up with vocalist Meli'sa Morgan in 1986 as a writer and producer.

She worked on the singles as 'Do You Still Love Me' and 'Fool's Paradise' and both albums, 'Do Me Baby' and 'Good Love'.

She also co-wrote and produced Genobia Jeter's 'All Of My Love,' and then recorded another single for the Some-1 label 'Look Into Tomorrow.'

Wilson also recorded with Roy Ayers on his 'Africa, Center Of The World' LP with Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in 1981, and with Najee and Steven Dante.

In 1993, Lesette released 'Unmasked' on Atlantic Records.

'Unmasked' featured, amongst others, artistic input from Saundra Williams, Tonni Smith (Lead vocalist on Tom Browne's 'Funkin' For Jamaica'), Gerry Devaux and Angie Stone (during her time as part of the group Vertical Hold).

Lesette has, also, toured with Judas Priest and Def Leppard!

A new album was released in August 2001 entitled 'Livin' In The Zone'.

Lesette is also working on the score of a Spike Lee vehicle entitled 'Home Invaders'.

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Lesette Wilson

Real Player


Now That I've Got Your Attention (Headfirst Records 1981)

Unmasked (Atlantic 1993)

Livin' In The Zone (Sony N-Coded Records 2001)

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