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lenny white

Lenny White

b. Leonard White III, 19th December 1949, New York, New York State, U.S.A.

Lenny White was born in New York in 1949.

He began his career as a drummer, initially playing in local groups.

In the early 1970's he played with Miles Davis on 'Bitches Brew' before joining Return To Forever.

When the group split up in 1976 he signed directly to the Nemperor label (via Atlantic) for 'Venusian Summer' (1976), 'Big City' (1976) and 'Streamline' (1977).

In 1978, he switched to Elektra for 'Best Of Friends', before forming a group Twennynine which comprised:

Carlo Vaughn (vocals)

Jocelyn Smith (vocals)

Skip Anderson (keyboards)

Barry Johnson (bass)


Eddy Martinez (guitar)

in 1979.

Recording as featured artist with the group, further Elektra albums included 'Attitude' (1983), including 'Didn't Know About Love (Till I Found You)'.

He later became one of the Jamaica Boys, a group also comprising of Marcus Miller (bass) and Dinky Bingham (vocals).

As a drummer he has recorded sessions with artists including John Klernmer, Miroslav Vitous, Pharaoh Sanders, Santana and Bob James while he has also produced for Zuice ('I'm A Survivor'), Wax ('Do You Believe In Magic'), Pieces Of A Dream and Nicki Richards ('Naked To The World') amongst others.

Real Player


Venusian Summer (Nemperor 1976)

Big City (Nemporer 1976)

The Adventures of Astral Pirates (1978 Elektra)

Streamline (Elektra 1977)

Best of Friends (Elektra 1978)

Twennynine (Elektra 1980)

Attitude (Elektra 1983)

In Clinic (DCI 1983)

Present Tense (Hip Bop / Koch 1995)

Renderers of Spirit (Hip Bop 1996)

Collection (Hip Bop 2002)

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