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pieces of a dream

Pieces Of A Dream

Formed 1975, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Pieces Of A Dream are:

Cedric Napoleon (bassist)

Curtis Harmon (drummer)


James Lloyd (keyboardist)

Pieces of a Dream were founded in 1975 in Philadelphia when the principal members were all teenagers.

Originally somewhat jazz-oriented, Pieces of a Dream has mostly emphasized R & B although they usually include a few jazz numbers in their performances.

Grover Washington, Jr., produced their first three albums (all for Elektra during 1981-83), they have since recorded for Manhattan.

The group has also included Lance Webb (lead vocals), Randall Bowland (guitar), Vincent Davis (synths) and Norwood (vocals).

Saxophonist Ron Kerber became a member in the 1990's.

Their albums included 'Pieces Of A Dream' (1981), including 'Warm Weather' featuring the vocals of Barbara Walker, 'We Are One' (1982) and 'Imagine This' (1983), including 'Fo-Fi-Fo', all were a fusion of R & B, jazz and soul.

They continued this formula following their switch to Manhattan (via EM]) with 'Joyride' (1986), 'Makes You Wanna' (1988), including 'We Belong To Each Other', and the Gene Griffin, co-produced 'Bout Dat Time' (1989).

Later releases concentrated more along the smooth jazz vein.

Real Player


Pieces of a Dream (Elektra 1981)

We Are One (Elektra 1982)

Imagine This (Elektra 1983)

Joyride (Manhattan 1986)

Makes You Wanna (Manhattan 1988)

'Bout Dat Time (EMI 1989)

In Flight (Manhattan 1993)

Goodbye Manhattan (Blue Note 1994)

Pieces (Blue Note 1997)

Ahead to the Past (Blue Note 1999)

Acqainted with the Night (Heads Up 2001)

Love Silhouette (Heads Up 2002)

No Assembly Required (Heads Up 2004)

Pillow Talk (Heads Up 2006)

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