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l.t.d. (love, togetherness, devotion)


L.T.D. Formed 1968 in Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Disbanded 1981

L.T.D., at various times, comprised of:

Jimmie 'J.D.' Davis (keyboards) (d. 22nd May 2008)

Abraham 'Onion' Miller (tenor sax, vocals)

Jake Riley (trombone) (d. 2000)

Johnny McGhee (guitar and vocals)

Carle Wayne Vickers (trumpet, flute, soprano sax)

Arthur 'Lorenzo' Carnegie (alto and tenor saxes, flute, guitar)

Toby Wynn (saxophones)

Henry E. Davis (bass, keys, guitar, flute, lead and background vocals) (d. 18th January 2012, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

Abraham Miller (saxophones)

Richard Moorings (keyboards, lead and background vocals, trombone)

Howard Johnson (Lead and background vocals, percussionist)

Aya Iwata (keyboards and background vocals)

Tyrone Griffin

Tefere Hazy (drums, vocals)

Billy Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne ( lead vocals, Drums) (b. 9th March 1948, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.)

Leslie Wilson

Andre Ray


Celeste Cole

The group L.T.D. (standing for Love-Togetherness-Devotion) were formed in North Carolina in the late Sixties.

Arthur 'Lorenzo' Carnegie, Jake Riley, Carle Wayne Vickers and Abraham 'Onion' Miller had been working as members of the Fantastic Soul Men Orchestra.

This ensemble were the backing group for Sam & Dave.

The quartet, along with Jimmy 'J.D.' Davis then formed their own band called the Love Men Ltd.

The group relocated to New York City and resided in Spanish Harlem where they met the saxophonist Toby Wynn, who joined the group.

Whilst gigging in Rhode Island, they met the singer Jeffrey Osborne, who also joined the group.

The group then relocated again Los Angeles, where Osborne's brother, keyboardist Billy Osborne joined the lineup as well.

Gittin DownLove Togetherness & Devotion

gittin' down - 1974 / love, togetherness and devotion - 1974

L.T.D. released two albums for the A&M label in 1974,namely 'Gittin' Down' and 'Love, Togetherness and Devotion'.

Love To The WorldSomething To Love

love to the world - 1976 / something to love - 1977

The release of 1976's 'Love To The World' really brought the group to the fore, containing the huge R&B hit 'Love Ballad', penned by Skip Scarborough.

Further albums followed in successive years.

1977 saw the release of 'Something To Love' (containing '(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again').


togetherness - 1978 / devotion - 1979

1978's 'Togetherness' contained 'Concentrate On You' and 'Holding On (When Love Is Gone)'.

1979 saw a further release called 'Devotion'.

Shine OnLove Magic

shine on - 1980 / love magic - 1981

Soon after the band's 1980 album 'Shine On', Jeffrey and Billy Osborne departed to start solo careers.

Andre Ray and Leslie Wilson (Formerly of New Birth) performed the roles of lead vocalists for the next album 'Love Magic' (containing 'April Love', and 'Kicking Back').

The group then departed the A&M imprint, relocating to the Montage label.

For You

for you - 1983

1983 saw the release of a final studio album entitled 'For You'.

Leslie Wilson left to continue his solo career, whilst L.T.D. recorded for smaller, independent, record labels.


Real Player


Love Togetherness & Devotion (A&M Records 1974)

Gittin' Down (A&M Records 1974)

Love to the World (A&M Records 1976)

Something to Love (A&M Records 1977)

Togetherness (A&M Records 1978)

Devotion (A&M Records 1979)

Shine On (A&M Records 1980)

Love Magic (A&M Records 1981)

For You (Hot Production Records 1994)

Marry You (Clout Records 1999)

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