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Jeffrey Osborne

b. Jeffrey Linton Osborne, 9th March 1948, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Jeffrey Osborne hails from Rhode Island, and was the former lead singer of the Soul Group, L.T.D.

He is one member of a very large group of 12 siblings (numbering 5 brothers and six sisters).

The family were all musical, with his brother, Billy, being part of the group Love, Togetherness and Devotion (L.T.D.).

His father passed away when Jeffrey was only 13.

Clarence Osborne was a jazz trumpeter, who had played for many of the genre's band leaders, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Lionel Hampton.

Jeffrey's mother, Wanita, is descended from a Pequot Indian chief

His chosen instrument was a drum, which led to him standing on for a session with the O'Jays when he was 15 years old.

When Jeffrey was 22, he was part of a group called Love Men Ltd (who would later become the group L.T.D.).

With L.T.D., Jeffrey sang on several hit songs, including 'Love Ballad', 'Holding On' and 'Back In Love Again'.

He was a drummer with the group at the outset, singing lead at times, with his brother Billy sharing the lead vocal role, until Jeffrey was utilised as the main lead singer.

Jeffrey OsborneStay With Me TonightDon't StopEmotional

jeffrey osborne -1982 / stay with me tonight - 1983 / don't stop - 1984 / emotional - 1986

Both brothers departed L.T.D. in 1980, beginning their careers as solo artists.Jeffrey remained at the A&M imprint for his initial, self titled, solo recording, which saw immediate success, charting with two singles, namely 'I Really Don't Need No Light' (at number 39) and the ballad 'On The Wings Of Love' (at number 29).

In 1983 he released 'Stay With Me Tonight', which featured the hits 'Don't You Get So Mad' (at number 25) and the album title track (which reached number 11 in 1984), along with the dancer 'Plane Love'.

A year later he released 'Don't Stop', which contained the track 'The Borderlines'.

In 1985, he wrote the lyrics to the Whitney Houston song 'All at Once' and appeared on U.S.A. for Africa's fundraiser, 'We Are the World' in 1985.

In 1986 he released the album 'Emotional', which contained one of his biggest hits, namely 'You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)', (reaching number 13 that year).

'Emotional' also contained the powerful anti-apartheid epic 'Soweto', which was remixed and was hugely popular on the dance floors.

One Love One DreamOnly HumanSomething Warm For ChristmasThat's For Sure

one love, one dream - 1988 / only human - 1991 / something warm for christmas - 1997 / that's for sure - 2000

In 1987 Jeffrey duetted with Dionne Warwick on the song 'Love Power', charting at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

By 1988 Jeffrey was to release his final album for the A&M imprint entitled 'One Love - One Dream', which featured the song 'She's On The Left'.

Two years later, Jeffrey had signed to the Arista imprint for 'Only Human', which featured the song 'If My Brother's In Trouble'.

Throughout the Nineties, Jeffrey would only release one further album, which was a festive release entitled 'Something Warm For Christmas' for the A&M imprint (again) in 1997.

Music Is LifeFrom The Soul

music is life - 2003 / from the soul - 2005

In the new millennium, he returned three new albums, which were 'That's For Sure' (in 2000), 'Music Is Life' (in 2003) and 'From The Soul' (in 2005).

'That's For Sure' featured a live re-working of the L.T.D. evergreen 'Love Ballad', whilst 2005's 'For The Soul' featured covers of several Soul classics, including 'Close The Door', 'Till You Come Back To Me', 'Yes I'm Ready', 'People Get Ready' and 'Hey Girl' amongst other songs.

Between 2008 and 2010, Jeffrey sang the National Anthem at the NBA finals in California, for three consecutive years.

In 2012, Jeffrey devotes a great deal of his time to charity work, and tours the States intensively.

He is married to Sheri Osborne, and the couple have three children, Tiffany, Dawn, and Jeanine.

Jeffrey Osborne

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Jeffrey Osbome (A & M Records 1982)

Stay With Me Tonight (A & M Records 1983)

Don't Stop (A & M Records 1984)

Emotional (A & M Records 1986)

One Love One Dream (A & M Records 1988)

Only Human (Arista Records 1991)

Something Warm for Christmas (A&M Records 1997)

That's for Sure (Private Music Records 2000)

More of My Best (Hip-O Records 2000)

Music Is Life (Koch Entertainment Records 2003)

From The Soul (Koch Entertainment Records 2005)

A Time For Love (ADA Global Records 2013)

Worth It All (Artistry Music Records 2018)

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