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king errisson

King Errisson

b. Errisson Pallman Johnson, 29th October, 1941, Nassau, Bahamas.

Born in Nassau, 'King' Errissson moved to Los Angeles and settled there in the mid 1970's.

He soon established himself as a top session conga player on the disco and R & B scene.

He has recorded with a wide range of artists, including Bobbi Humphrey, Lenny Williams, Quincy Jones, Z.Z. Hill, The Four Tops, Merry Clayton, Martha Reeves, Cannonball Adderly and even The Carpenters.

He recorded 'L.A. Bound' on Westbound Records in 1977 with the production chores being handled by Dennis Coffey.

He recorded two other albums and a single called 'Living Up On Jupiter' on the Shatter label in 1983.

Errisson's career has taken a few unusual turns one being an acting appearance in the James Bond film 'Thunderball'.

Real Player


The King Arrives (Canyon Records 1970)

L.A. Bound (Westbound Records 1977)

Magic Man (Westbound Records 1979)

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