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bobbi humphrey

Bobbi Humphrey

b. Barbara Ann Humphrey, 25th April 1950, Marlin, Texas, U.S.A.

Bobbi Humphrey is a jazz flautist whose musical stylings have embraced fusion, mainstream jazz and dance genres.

She was born in Marlin, Texas, however, she was raised in Dallas.

Fonce & Larry Mizell

fonce & larry mizell

Bobbi collaborated with the brothers, Fonce and Larry Mizell, forging some of the finest moments in fusion/ jazz-funk throughout the seventies.

She began playing flute in high school and continued her studies at Texas Southern University and Southern Methodist University.

Dizzy Gillespie saw Bobbi play at a talent contest at Southern Methodist, and impressed with what he had heard, he urged her to pursue a musical career in New York City.

She followed through on his advice, getting her first big break performing at the Apollo Theatre on Amateur Night.

Shortly afterward, she began playing regularly throughout the city, including a gig with Duke Ellington.

Bobbi signed with Blue Note in 1971.

Bobbi HumphreyBobbi HumphreyBobbi HumphreyBobbi Humphrey

flute in - 1971 / dig this! - 1972 / blacks and blues - 1974 / satin doll - 1974

Her blend of jazz, funk, pop and R & B fit in well with the new sound of Blue Note, and her six albums for the label ('Flute In', 'Dig This', 'Blacks and Blues', 'Satin Doll', 'Live at Montreux', and 'Fancy Dancer') were all huge successes.

In particular, 1973's 'Blacks and Blues' earned her a crossover pop and R & B audience, and featured the evergreen 'Harlen River Drive'.

That same year, she played the Montreux Festival in Switzerland.

Bobbi HumphreyBobbi HumphreyBobbi HumphreyBobbi Humphrey

live in montreux - 1974 / fancy dancer - 1975 / tailor made - 1977 / freestyle - 1978

In 1976, she was named Best Female Instrumentalist by Billboard.

The following year, she moved record labels, signing with the Epic imprint and releasing 'Tailor Made' (containing the popular 'Lover To Lover') that same year.

She also played on Stevie Wonder's platinum album 'Songs in the Key of Life' in 1977.

Bobbi HumphreyBobbi HumphreyBobbi HumphreyBobbi Humphrey

the good life - 1979 / no way (single) - 1986 / city beat - 1988 / passion flute - 1994

'Tailor Made' was the first of three albums on Epic Records, 'Freestyle' followed in 1978, and 'The Good Life' appeared about a year afterwards.

During the '80's, Bobbi continued to perform regularly, even if she didn't record often.

1986, saw the released of the single 'No Way', which featured a further collaboration with Stevie Wonder.

She returned to recording in 1989, releasing 'City Beat' on Malaco Records.

Five years later, 'Passion Flute' appeared on the Paradise Sounds label.

She is currently still performing.

Bobbi's new website is now online. can check Bobbi's website here...

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Flute In (Blue Note Records 1971)

Dig This (Blue Note Records 1972)

Blacks and Blues (Blue Note Records 1973)

Satin Doll (Blue Note Records 1974)

Fancy Dancer (Blue Note Records 1975)

Tailor Made (Epic Records 1977)

Freestyle (Epic Records 1978)

The Good Life (Epic Records 1979)

City Beat (Malaco Records 1989)

Passion Flute (Paradise Sound Records 1994)

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