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honey cone

Honey Cone

The Honey Cone were formed in Los Angeles, California in 1966, and comprised of:

Carolyn Willis (b. 1946, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

Edna A. Wright (b. 2nd February 1948, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. d. 12th September 2020, Encino, California, U.S.A.)


Shelly Clark (a.k.a. Michele 'Shelly' Clark-White, b. 1943, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.)

The group, Honey Cone were formed in 1966 in Los Angeles, California.

The trio comprised of Carolyn Willis, Shelly Clark (wife of Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire) and Edna Wright (wife of Greg Perry).

Their best remembered song was the Billboard number one single 'Want Ads' in 1971.

Honey Cone were signed to the Hot Wax Record label, which was owned by the former Motown Records songwriting team Holland, Dozier, Holland.

Honey Cone

Carolyn Willis was previously a member of the group The Girlfriends and Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans, whilst Shelly Clark has featured in the ranks of the Iketttes.

Edna Wright was a member of the group the Cogics and the Blossoms and recorded under the pseudonym Sandy Wynns during the Sixties.

The women were spotted by Eddie Holland, after watching them perform as a unit, signing them, and renaming the group to the Honey Cone.

Take Me With YouSweet RepliesSoulful TapestryLove, Peace & Soul

take me with you - 1970 / sweet replies - 1971 / soulful tapestry - 1971 / love, peace & harmony - 1972

Their debut 45 came in the form of 'While You're Out Looking for Sugar' b/w 'The Feeling's Gone', which reached number 26 on the charts, which was quickly followed by 'Girl's, It Ain't Easy' b/w 'The Feeling's Gone', which charted at number 8 on the same Billboard charts.

'Want Ads' b/w 'We Belong Together' was the third single, selling over one million copies, becoming a gold selling single during May 1971.

'Stick-Up' b/w 'V.I.P.' followed the song's success, becoming a number 1 R&B hit.

1972 saw further releases, including 'One Monkey Don't Stop No Show' / b/w 'One Monkey Part 2', 'Sittin' On A Time Bomb' b/w 'It's Better To Have Loved And Lost', 'Ace In The Hole' b/w 'O-o-o Baby, Baby' and 'The Day I Found Myself' b/w 'When Will It End'.

The following year saw further 45's ('If I Can't Fly', 'The Truth Will Come Out' and 'Ace in the Hole'), although these proved less successful and the women went their separate ways during 1973, after Hot Wax folded.

Edna WrightEdna Wright

edna wright - oops, here I go again - 1976

Edna Wright saw some solo success with her rare groove album 'Oops! Here I Go Again' in 1976, for the RCA imprint.

Carolyn sang sessions as a backing vocalist on the Seals and Crofts hit 'Get Closer'.

In recent years, a reformation of sorts saw the incarnation of the group Edna Wright and The Honey Cone.

Edna's older sister is the singer and actress Darlene Love.

In 1985, Shelly Clark married Earth, Wind & Fire bassist Verdine White.

Edna, sadly, passed away in September 2020.

Honey Cone

Honey Cone

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Take Me With You (Hot Wax Records 1970)

Sweet Replies (Hot Wax Records 1971)

Soulful Tapestry (Hot Wax Records 1971)

Love, Peace And Soul (Hot Wax Records 1972)

Girls It Ain't Easy (HDH Records 1984)

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