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darlene love

Darlene Love

b. Darlene Wright, 26th July 1941, Hawthorne, California, U.S.A.

Darlene Love is a singer, whose career came to prominence under the wing of the producer, Phil Spector, during the early Sixties.

it was Spector who suggested she change her surname to Wright, from Love, as the latter was a better stage name.

She later had a career in acting, and is also the sister of the singer Edna Wright.

With Spector, she recorded the song ‘He’s A Rebel’, and was a featured artist of the producer’s legendary Christmas Album in 1963.

As a child, Darlene began singing with her local church choir in Hawthorne, California.

The Blossoms

the blossoms: darlene love with fanita james, and jean king

As a teenager, she was enrolled into the ranks of the all girl vocal group, The Blossoms.

Darlene Love

phil spector and darlene

The Blossoms began working with Phil Spector, and Darlene’s reputation grew as a session singer, as well as a group vocalist.

Darlene sang sessions for the likes of Sam Cooke, Dionne Warwick, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and Sonny and Cher.

With The Blossoms, Darlene sang backgrounds on the songs ‘Johnny Angel’ (Shelley Fabares) and ‘Poor Side of Town’ (Johnny Rivers).

The Blossoms, in turn, recorded their own 45’s for various imprints, including Capitol, Challenge, OKeh, Reprise, Ode, MGM, Bell and Lion Records.

The group were also the featured vocalists on the comedy release 'The Monster Mash' by Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers.

Darlene and The Blossoms (members: Darlene Wright (lead), Fanita James, Gloria Jones and Nanette Williams) sang backing vocals on many major hits including ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’, ‘He's A Rebel’ and ‘He's Sure The Boy I Love’.

Darlene also featured in Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans, who recorded ’Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’, a hit which climbed into the Top 10 in 1963.

Darlene LoveDarlene Love

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) b/w Harry And Milt Meet Hal B - 1963 / Wait 'Til My Bobby Gets Home b/w Take It From Me - 1963

On Spector’s Christmas album, Darlene sang ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’, penned by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector.

In the 1970’s Darlene continued to work as a back-up singer, although she took a short break in order to raise a family.

In 1975, Darlene released the much sought after 'Lord, If You're A Woman' b/w 'Stumble And Fall' for the Warner/Spector imprint.

The 1980’s saw a return to the performing stage, working at the Roxy in L.A.

Darlene sang the song ‘OOO Wee Baby’, featured in the 1980 movie ‘The Idolmaker’.

She was also featured in the stage musical ‘Leader Of The Pack’, portraying herself on stage.

She also covered The Hollywood Argyles song ‘Alley Oop’ for the soundtrack of the 1984 film ‘Bachelor Party’.

Darlene LoveDarlene LoveDarlene LoveDarlene Love

darle love masters - 1981 / live! - 1985 / paint another picture - 1988 / age of miracles - 1998

In 1987 she sang backgrounds on a U2 cover of her Christmas song ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ and released an album the following year entitled ‘Paint Another Picture’ for the CBS imprint.

Another Christmas themed song appeared in the film ‘Home Alone 2’, entitled ‘All Alone On Christmas’, followed by a vocal session for the movie ‘Jingle All The Way’.

Darlene LoveDarlene Love

unconditional love - 1998 / it's christmas of course - 2007

In 2007, Darlene released the holiday collection ‘It's Christmas, Of Course’.

Darlene’s acting career featured roles as Danny Glover's wife, Trish Murtaugh, in the four Lethal Weapon movies, and sang in Grease, in the short-lived musical adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie, and starred as Motormouth Maybelle in the Broadway musical ‘Hairspray’.

In 2010, Darlene was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Darlene Love

Real Player


Darlene Love Masters (Polydor Records 1981)

Live! (Rhino Records 1985)

Paint Another Picture (CBS Columbia Records 1990)

Unconditional Love (Harmony Records 1998)

Age Of Miracles (Lovelink Records 1998)

It's Christmas Of Course (Shout Factory Records 2007)

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