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grey & hanks

Grey & Hanks

Formed 1978

Disbanded 1980

Grey and Hanks were:

Len Ron Hanks


Zane Grey

The Chicago-based performing and songwriting team Zane Grey and Len Ron Hanks wrote songs for Jerry Butler in the early '70's before moving to Los Angeles in 1976.

As composers in the '70's, they were highly succesful with songs recorded by L.T.D. 'Back in Love Again' and Tavares' 'Never Had a Love Like This Before,' as well as having Millie Jackson ('The Rising Cost Of Love'), Norman Connors ('Party Town'), Lenny Williams ('If You're In Need Of Love'), Debra Laws ('How Long') and Mystique record their tunes.

They landed their own solo deal with RCA in 1978.

Their first LP, 'You Fooled Me', yielded one Top 10 R & B hit in 1979, 'Dancin,' which parodied the remnants of disco fever and reached number eight in the charts.

They made one more album for RCA, 'Prime Time', in 1980, which featured 'Now I'm Fine'.

Since that time the duo have been inactive.

Real Player


You Fooled Me (RCA Records 1979)

Prime Time (RCA Records 1980)

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