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Formed in Philadelphia, 1971,

Breakwater consisted of:

Ulysses Kae Williams Jnr.  b. 7th March, 1956, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. d.11th July 2008, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (keyboards)

Gene Robinson (lead vocals / trumpet)

James Gee Jones (drums)

Linc 'Love' Gilmore (guitar)

Steve Green b. 3rd February 1957 (bass)

Vince Dutton (woodwinds)

Greg Scott (woodwinds)


John 'Dutch' Braddock (percussion)

Hiling from Philadelphia, Breakwater, originally, met at school.

In 1978 they signed to the Arista imprint and released two albums.


The first album, 'Breakwater' (1978), included 'Work It Out', 'You Know I Love You', 'No Limit' and 'Feel Your Way'.

Two years later, 'Splashdown' (1980) was the bands second album, which included 'Say You Love Me Girl', produced by Kae Williams and Rick Chertoff.

The group split up after leaving Arista.

Kae Williams became a freelance pianist, songwriter and producer.

'Say You Love Me Girl' was issued in the U.K. for the first time in 1986.

Following Breakwater, Kae moved to New York and took up session work, an early project being 'Rescue Me' for Sybil Thomas.

He also met Jacques Fred Petrus who offered him session keyboard work with Change, The Richie Family (co-writing 'I'll Do My Best For You') and B.B.& Q. (writing 'Imagination').

Hi GlossBreakwater

In 1981 he joined Timmy Allen from the group Change and other top session players to record an album as Hi-Gloss (including 'You'll Never Know') for the Prelude label.

He also wrote, arranged and produced all the songs on 'B.B.& Q.' ('Genie'), albums for Mason ('Mason'), and then half a solo album for Curtis Hairston, 'Curtis Hairston' (1986) who sang lead.

He then moved back to Philadelphia where to date he has worked with artists including Mason, lan Foster, the late Phyllis Hyman, the late George Howard, Miki Howard and other local acts.

Kae Williams Snr kae williams snr.

Kae Williams is the son of Kae Williams Snr (above), who wrote 'Get A Job' for the group The Silhouettes, and also managed the group.

Steve Green is still in the music business and has recorded on over 100 session for groups such as Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Eddie Murphy, Phyllis Hyman, The Stylistics, the Jones Girls, Judy Mowatt and Dexter Wansel.

He currently has a Funk Jazz group called Steve Green & Elevators, who are just completing their first CD.

Greg Scott, the sax player, is also an active musician on the East Coast music circuit today.



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Breakwater (Arista Records 1978)

Splashdown (Arista Records 1980)

Work It Out: The Best Of Breakwater (Expansion Records 2017)

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