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gene dunlap

Gene Dunlap

b. Gene Edward Dunlap, Jr., 19th June 1954, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Gene began to play the drums from the age of four although his first job was in a music store.

While still at school he met Earl Klugh with whom he formed a group.

By the mid-70's Gene was playing drums for Earl professionally, Earl also helping to secure Gene a solo recording deal with Capitol in the early 80's.

it's just the way i feel - 1981 / party in me - 1982

tired of being a nice guy - 1983


His three ground-breaking Soul albums were 'It's Just The Way I Feel' (in 1981), including 'Before You Break My Heart' (ably assisted vocally by the Ridgeway Sisters), 'Party In Me' (in 1982) and 'Tired Of Being A Nice Guy' (in 1983) including the excellent 'Take Back My Love'.

He also played drums with Roy Ayers on 'Don't Stop The Feeling'.

Groove With YouTales Of The Phatman

groove with you - 1994 / tales of the phatman - 2000

I Still BelievePeaceful Days

i still believe - 2003 / peaceful days - 2004

In 1994, he released 'Groove with You', credited to the Gene Dunlap Band, on Avenue Jazz Records, but shortly after gave up performing to teach inner city youth in Detroit.

In April 2000, he returned with his second Avenue Jazz album, 'Tales of the Phatman'.

Gene & George

gene with george duke

Real Player


It's Just The Way I Feel (Capitol Records 1981)

Party In Me (Capitol Records 1982)

Tired Of Being A Nice Guy (Capitol Records 1983)

Groove With You (Avenue Records 1994)

Tales of the Phatman (Rhino Records 2000)

I Still Believe (Liquid 8 Records 2003)

Peaceful Days (215 Records 2004)

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