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freddie jackson

Freddie Jackson

b. Frederick Anthony Jackson, 2nd October 1956, Harlem, New York, U.S.A.

Freddie Jackson was brought up in Harlem.

As a youngster Freddie sang at the White Rock Baptist Church.

He took a job in a bank and then joined the group LJE.

In the early 80's, he relocated to California and became the lead singer with the group Mystic Merlin.

He sang on their 'Full Moon' album, which featured the song 'Mr Magician'.

By 1984, he was working alongside Melba Moore.

The following year he released the album 'Rock Me Tonight', which became an instant success.

In 1986, Jackson duetted with Melba Moore on 'A Little Bit More' from her album 'A Lot Of Love'.

Freddie is about to release his 10th album. Here is the official biographical run down from his people:

'Freddie has a new life, a new attitude, and a new album.

A consummate performer, he has managed to weather the tempestuous climate of stardom and maintain his status as a pop icon.

He drops his 10th set, 'It’s Your Move', in August 2003, a move that is certain to delight his legions of loyal fans.

The Harlem native has proven his staying power with the record for the most No. 1 urban chart singles in the 80's.

He dominated the airwaves with his 1985 double platinum debut album, 'Rock Me Tonight'.

'I had no idea that 'Rock Me Tonight' was going to do anything,' remembers Jackson.

'I was coming from a full-time job as a word processor. I went from eating kanishes to eating filet mignon in a matter of a few weeks.'

The title track, a sensuous slow groove, hit just the right note and turned listeners into fans and garnered Jackson a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

His sultry smooth vocals spawned 30 charted singles including 11 number 1 songs and earned him the distinction of being ranked among the top 20 best-selling black music artists of the '80's and '90's.

Some things are just meant to be.

'My mother went into labor with me when she was performing a concert at church,' laughs Jackson, 'and 15 hours later Freddie Jackson was born into singing.'

He hasn’t stopped since. He performed his first church solo at 13.

He grew up on a steady diet of weekly trips to the Apollo Theater where the seeds of a dream were planted as he watched artists such as the Jackson 5 and Otis Redding perform.

Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke also influenced a young Jackson.

Flash forward to the new millennium. Jackson’s latest venture, 'It’s Your Move', explores the complexity of love and the human spirit.

'The new album is a testament of love and time and experience,' explains Jackson.

He recorded the album in Clearwater, FL. The inspiration was flowing and it took only a month to complete.

Jackson returned to his writing roots on the new cd and penned nine tracks.

No stranger to creating lyrics, Jackson has written for Lillo Thomas, Howard Johnson and Melba Moore.

It was Moore who spotted him performing in a New York supper club.

He honed his chops by singing back-up for Moore, and others.

'The Melba Moore tour was the most exciting,' says Jackson.

'She taught me so much about the stage and pacing myself, I think that was really the beginning and highlight of my touring education in mastering the stage. It’s something I will never forget.'

Jackson has since circled the globe headlining his own tour and has performed with such notables as Jeffrey Osborne, Ashford & Simpson, and most recently Dionne Warwick, one of his favorite singers.

He continues to tour and enjoys a following in Europe.

As with the evolution of many icons, there comes a time when they have to take the reigns and control their own destiny.

Jackson has new management and a new record label, Martland Entertainment, where he is part shareholder.

More importantly, he owns his own master recordings. His recent cleaning house includes shedding 107 lbs.

After 20 years in the business, it’s his personal philosophy that keeps him centered.

'Hold fast to your hopes and dreams. Through prayer and faith all things can be conquered,' says Jackson.'

Amen to that sentiment.

The texts were used by the kind permission of Freddie's people at Martland Entertainment.

Freddie Jackson

Nick, Freddie and Valerie

Nick Ashford, Freddie Jackson and Valerie Simpson

Real Player


Rock Me Tonight (Capitol Records 1985)

Just Like The First Time (Capitol Records 1986)

Don't Let Love Slip Away (Capitol Records 1988)

Do Me Again (Capitol Records 1990)

Time For Love (Capitol Records 1992)

Here It Is (RCA Records 1993)

Private Party (Street Life / Scotti Bros Records 1995)

Life After 30 (Orpheus Records 1999)

It's Your Move (Martland Entertainment Group Records 2003)

Transitions (Orpheus Records 2006)

For You (E1 Music Records 2010)

Love Signals (Climax Entertainment Records 2018)

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