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eloise laws

Eloise Laws

b. Lavern Eloise Laws, 6th November 1949, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Eloise is sister to Debra Laws, Ronnie Laws and Hubert Laws.

In 1969 she signed briefly to CBS but first made an impression on the soul scene after moving to Los Angeles in the early 70's.

Here she worked with Holland / Dozler / Holiand and their artists including The Fifth Dimension before Brian Holland produced her album 'Ain't It Good Feeling Good' for the Invictus label in 1977.

Also in 1977 she teamed up with Jerry Goldstein and his Far Out production company to record 'Eloise', including 'Baby You Lied,' 'Love Comes Easy' and 'Forever Now', for ABC Records, co-produced by the late Linda Creed.

Eloise Laws

Linda produced her next album 'Eloise Laws' (1980), including 'Let's Find Those Two People Again', for Liberty Records.

In 1982, Ronnie Laws produced her Capitol album 'All In Time', including 'Love Ain't Easy', while Eloise also worked with sister Debra as backing singers on the Aquarian Dream classic 'You're A Star'.

In 2000, Eloise returned to recording with a new album entitled 'The Key' on Scepterstein Records.

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Eloise Laws & Linda Creed eloise with the late linda creed


Ain't It Good Feeling Good (Invictus Records 1976)

Eloise (ABC Records 1977)

Eloise Laws (Liberty Records 1980)

All In Time (Capitol Records 1982)

The Key (Scepterstein Records 2000)

Secrets (Scepterstein Records 2003)

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