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Formed in Ohio, Dayton were formed by:

David Shawn Sandridge (lead vocals / guitar)

Chris Jones (lead vocals / keyboards / trumpet), formerly of the group Sun.

Other members were:

Dean Hummons (keyboards)

Derrick Armstrong (vocals)


Jenny Douglas (vocals)

who originally recorded as Magnum.

Kevin Hurt (drums / percussion)

Rachel Beavers (background vocals)

Elaine Terry (background vocals)

Rahni P. Harris (lead and background vocals, piano and synths)


Karen Harris Chappel (lead and background vocals)

who completed the changing line-up.

Dayton included two former members of the group, Over Night Low and later some members of the group Sun.

DaytonCutie Pie

Signing to United Artists, Shawn Sandridge and Chris Jones wrote all the songs for the first two Dayton albums, 'Dayton', in 1980, including 'Eyes On You', and 'Cutie Pie' in 1982.

The group also toured as musicians for Quincy Jones, Stephanie Mills and Ashford & Simpson.

Their third album 'Hot Fun', in 1983, introduced of Rahni Harris ('Six Million Steps') as producer, writer, vocalist and keyboard player.

Hot FunFeel The Music

Rahni also wrote and produced the group's most highly acclaimed album, 'Feel The Music', including 'The Sound Of Music' (U.K. Top 75), 'It Must Be Love' and 'Promise Me', for Capitol in 1983.

The late Roger Troutman, from the group Zapp, also contributed to the set.

This Time

Rahni Harris was also part of the group for their final Capitol outing, entitled 'This Time' in 1985.

The group went their seperate ways after that release.

Real Player


Dayton (United Artists Records 1980)

Cutie Pie (United Artists Records 1982)

Hot Fun (Capitol Records 1983)

Feel The Music (Capitol Records 1983)

This Time (Capitol Records 1985)

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