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ada dyer (a.k.a. adaritha)

Ada Dyer

b. Adaritha Dyer, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Ada Dyer first came to the attention of Soul Music fans through her contributions to a couple of Norman Connors albums back in the late Seventies.

Ada (singing under her full name of Adaritha) sang the leads on several of Norman's songs, including 'Take It To The Limit', 'Handle Me Gently', 'You Been On My Mind', 'You Bring Me Joy' and 'Be There In The Morning'.

She was born in Chicago and began singing in high school.

Three of the various groups she sang with were called Axis, the Ken Chainey Experience, and Mother Fox.

After performing locally, she met her future manager, Paul David Wilson, who commenced her career singing jingles for commercials.

At this time, Ada recorded a series of demo tracks, as well as performing on various stage productions.

One of Ada's demo songs was a Paul D. Wilson penned track that was to appear on a Norman Connors album as the title song to the album 'Invitation'.

AdarithaAda Dyer

with Norman Connors / flyer

In 1979, she recorded the track for Norman and became a featured guest vocalist on the release.

InvitationTake It To The Limit

invitation - 1979 / take it to the limit - 1980

One year later, Norman recruited her again for his follow up release, 'Take It To The Limit'.

In 1982, she relocated from Chicago to New York City to further her recording career.

Here she joined the ranks of the Motown group Warp 9, an Electro group, who were fronted by the ex-Striker's drummer Milton 'Boe' Brown.

Warp 9Meant To Be

it's a beat wave - 1983 / meant to be - 1988

Ada, along with Chuck Wansley and Boe Brown, subsequently recorded the songs 'Light Years Away', 'No Man Is an Island', for the 1983 album, 'It's a Beat Wave'.

Ada departed the group in 1984, and began a series of background singing sessions on the road for the likes of Chaka Khan, Roberta Flack, Lenny Kravitz and Boz Scaggs.

She also sang on some studio sessions for Luther Vandross, Amy Grant, Cher, and Ronnie Spector.

Ada then came to the attention of the producer James Anthony Carmichael, and in 1988 she released the album 'Meant To Be' for Motown Records.

'I Bet Ya, I'll Let Ya', (from the album) reached number 33 on Billboard's R&B Singles chart, which was followed up by 'I Don't Feel Like Crying', written by by L.A. Reid and Babyface.

Ada then prepared songs for a 1990 album entitled 'Ada Dyer'.

Unfortunately the album only saw the light of day in Japan on BMG Victor in 1991.

The post Motown era saw her back in the studio and on stage singing backgrounds again for Chaka Khan and Roberta Flack.

Ada Dyer / AdarithaYou Make Me Whole

In 1995 the producer Jay Denes, recorded Ada on a house music track entitled 'You Make Me Whole'.

Jay recorded another dancer, featuring Ada singing under the name of 'Thump N. Johnson', on the track 'Valley of Love'.

He also recorded under the group name of Naked Music NYC, recording an album entitled 'What's on Your Mind', which features Ada on several tracks.

Ada Dyer

Real Player


Meant To Be (Motown Records 1988)

Ada Dyer (BMG Victor Records Japan 1991)

Crazy Love (Ada Dyer Records 2008)

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