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the winstons

The Winstons

The Winstons comprised of:

Gregory C. Coleman (vocals, drums) b. September 1944. d. September 2006

Ray Maritano (vocals, alto saxophone)

Quincy Mattison (vocals, lead guitar)

Sonny Pekerol (vocals, bass guitar)

Richard Lewis Spencer (lead vocals, tenor saxophone) (b. May 1942, Wadesboro, North Carolina, U.S.A. D. 27th December 2020, Wadesboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.)

Phil Tolotta (second lead, organ)


(later Joe Phillips)

The Winstons were an R & B band from Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Need A ReplacementAin't Nothing Like A Little Lovin'

need a replacement b/w ain't nothing like a little lovin' - 1968

In 1968 the Winstons signed to Curtis Mayfield's Curtom imprint, releasing the single, 'Need a Replacement' b/w 'Ain't Nothing Like A Little Lovin'.

Color Him FatherAmen, Brother

color him father b/w amen, brother - 1969

Their one hit, 'Color Him Father' b/w 'Amen, Brother' (released on the Metromedia imprint), written by Richard Spencer, sentimentally, highlighted the love of a child for their hardworking father.

The Winstons

The song became one of the biggest R&B hits of the 1960's, selling a million copies and reaching number 1 on the R&B chart and number 7 on the national charts in 1969.

It also went gold, an achievement awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America on the 24th July 1969.

The song is, incidentally, a personal favourite of Paul Weller (The Style Council, The Jam etc), along with many Northern Soul fans, and was also recorded by Linda Martell who took it to No. 14 on the Billboard country chart.

Color Him FatherColor Him Father

color him father (album - 1969) / color him father (single - 1969)

An album (recorded in 1969 at the Le Fevre Sound Studio's in Atlanta) of the same title was released to accompany the single (Metromedia MD 1010), which featured both sides of the single, along with 9 other tracks.

Gregory Coleman was one of five brothers and sisters.

He was a member of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church and graduated from Armstrong High School in Richmond in 1962.

Gregory had a group called G.C. Coleman and the Soul Twisters, and drummed for the Marvelettes, Otis Redding as well as Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions.

Relocating to Washington he joined The Winstons, later moving to Atlanta where he played with the Georgia Power Band and recorded with Brick.

'Amen, Brother' has been heavily sampled by several artists (see below), due to Gregory Coleman's drum break during the central section of the song.

Away from the Winstons, Richard Spencer, Quincy Mattison and Gregory Coleman had all previously been part of Otis Redding's band.

The three later joined Sonny Peckrol, Phil Tolotta and Ray Maritano to form a backing band for the Chicago based version of the Impressions.

The six artists then changed their name to the Winstons.

Love Of The Common PeopleWheel Of Fortune

love of the common people b/w wheel of fortune - 1969

The follow up Metromedia single, 'Love Of The Common People' b/w 'Wheel Of Fortune', reached number 54 on the pop charts in 1969.

The Winstons later toured as the backup band for the Impressions.

Joe Phillips, one of the founding members of The Winstons, formed the group J.P.'s Force in the 1980's.

Richard Spencer was a high school teacher and published author (writing 'The Molasses Tree: A Southern Love Story' in 2003), and lived in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

He died in December 2020.

Gregory C. Coleman died in Atlanta, Georgia in September, 2006.

The Winstons today

Artists who have samples 'Amen, Brother' include:

2 Live Crew: Feel Alright Y’all
3rd Bass: Wordz of Wisdom
4 Hero: Escape That
Amon Tobin: Nightlife
Aphex Twin: Boy/Girl Song
Atari Teenage Riot: Burn Berlin Burn
Brand Nubian: The Godz Must Be Crazy
Dee-Lite: Come on In, the Dreams are Fine
Dillinja: The Angels Fell
Eric B. and Rakim: Casualties of War
Funky Technicians: Airtight
Goldie: Chico: Death of a Rock Star
Heavy D: Flexin’
Heavy D: MC Heavy D!
Heavy D: Let it Flow
Heavyweight: : Oh Gosh
J. Majik: Arabian Nights
J. Majik: Your Sound
Lemon D: This is Los Angeles
Level Vibes: Beauty & the Beast
Lifer’s Group: Jack U. Back (So You Wanna Be a Gangsta)
LTJ Bukem: Music
Maestro Fresh Wes: Bring it On
Mantronix: King of the Beats
Movement Ex: KK Punani
Nice & Smooth: Dope Not Hype
NWA: Straight Outta Compton
Oasis: Do Y’know What I Mean
Roni Size: Brown Paper Bag
Salt-N-Pepa: Desire
Scarface: Born Killer
Schoolly D: How a Black Man Feels

Real Player


Color Him Father (Metromedia Records 1969)

The Winstons (Sensational Records 2002)

Live at XM Radio (Sensational Records 2003)

Beach Music and Soul CD (Sensational Records 2004)

Keeping Old School Alive (Sensational Records 2005)

I Aint Scared of You Mothers (Sensational Records 2006)

Mixing It Up (Sensational Records 2007)

Blues & Southern Soul (Sensational Records 2007)

Special Occasions (Sensational Records 2008)

Special Occasions, Vol. 2 (Sensational Records 2009)

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