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val young

Val Young

b. Valaria Young, 13th June 1958, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Val Young was rumoured to have been discovered in the late 1970's by George Clinton.

Clinton has been credited with incorporated her into the Brides Of Funkenstein, one of the many acts in his Funkadelic stable.

These facts are currently under discussion with information to the contrary being brought to light by ex Funkadelic vocalist Dawn Silva.

Val joined the Gap Band, where she was featured on the funk classic 'Oops Upside Your Head'.

She recorded five albums with the group before being spotted by another black music notable, Rick James.

Val, also recorded with Roy Ayers as a background vocalist.

Impressed as much by her striking physical appearance as by her musical talents, James promoted her as the 'Black Marilyn Monroe'.

He also produced her 1985 hit album 'Seduction', which contained two top 30 R & B hits.

'If You Should Ever Be Lonely' was a successful single in 1986, before Val left James's umbrella to commence a solo career at Amherst Records.

At Amherst she released a 12" single entitled 'Private Conversations' in 1987.

Val has adopted a low profile since that release, recording background vocals, spoardically, for various rap acts including Warren G, Nate Dogg, Too Short and 2 Pac.

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Seduction (Motown Records 1985)

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