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unlimited touch

Unlimited Touch

Unlimited Touch comprised of (left to right):

Audrey Wheeler

Phil Hamilton

Tony Cintron

Sandy Anderson

Stephanie James


Lenny Underwood

Raymond Reid and William Anderson from New York based band Crown Heights Affair instigated Unlimited Touch in the early '80's, however, they did not form part of the band.

Featuring vocalists Audrey Wheeler and Stephanie James, the group was signed to Prelude (via Epic in the U.K.).

Unlimited TouchUnlimited Touch

unlimited touch - 1981 / yes, we're ready - 1983

Here they stirred UK dancefloors with the songs 'I Hear Music in The Streets', in 1980, and 'Searching To Find The One' in 1981.

Due to a major management / label and group dispute, the band went their seperate ways by the end of 1981.

As Prelude records owned the rights to the groups name, the subsequent recordingsdid not contain the hits that made the group famous.

Lenny Underwood co-wrote 'I Hear Music In The Streets' and 'Searchin' To Find The One' which were regional hits in the States.

They later released 'Yes We're Ready', in 1983, and a further single 'Reach Out (Everlasting Love)' in 1984.

In 1999, producer Sean 'Puffy' Combs sampled the bass and drum breakdown of 'I Hear Music In The Streets for the Faith Evans song called 'All Night Long'.

I would like to thank Lenny Underwood, of the group, for his invaluable information on this page.

Real Player


Yes We're Ready (Prelude Records 1983)

Searching to Find the One (Unidisc Records 1993)

Unlimited Touch (Prelude Records 1993)

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