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tyrone davis

Tyrone Davis

b. Tyrone Fettson, 4th May 1938, Greenville, Mississippi, U.S.A.

d. 9th February 2005, Hinsdale, Illinois, U.S.A.

Tyrone Davis is a former Freddie King valet and was discovered working in Chicago nightclubs by pianist Harold Burrage.

His hits, included 'Turn Back the Hands of Time' and 'Can I Change My Mind', recorded for the Carl Davis Dakar imprint.

Tyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone Davis

can i change my mind - 1969 / turn back the hands of time - 1970 / i had it all the time - 1972 / it's all in the game - 1973

'Can I Change My Mind', recorded in 1968, was his first chart entry, and was originally recorded as a b-side.

He also recorded 'Is It Something You've Got'.

During the 1970's he recorded 'I Had It All The Time', in 1972, and 'Without You In My Life', in 1973.

Tyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone Davis

home wrecker - 1974 / turning point - 1975 / love and touch - 1976 / let's be closer together - 1977

'There It Is' followed in 1973, followed by 'The Turning Point' in 1975.

Tyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone Davis

i can't go on this way - 1978 / in the mood - 1979 / i just can't keep on going - 1980 / every thing in place - 1981

For Soul followers, probably his career high point was reached with the album, and title track, 'In The Mood' in 1979.

Tyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone DavisTyrone Davis

tyrone davis - 1982 / something good - 1983 / sexy thing - 1985 / pacifier - 1987

'Are You Serious' followed in 1982.

His following output was remarkable.

1985's album 'Sexy Thing', featured the popular radio tracks 'Overdue' and 'Satisfy You'.

Tyrone Davis died on Wednesday the 9th of February 2005, at the age of 66.

He had suffered a stroke in September 2004.

Tyrone was taken to the Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and never regained consciousness.

Tyrone Davis is survived by his wife, Ann, and numerous children and grandchildren.

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Can I Change My Mind (Dakar Records 1969)

Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Dakar Records 1970)

I Had It All The Time (Dakar Records 1972)

Without You In My Life (Dakar Records 1973)

It's All In The Game (Dakar Records 1974)

Home Wrecker (Dakar Records 1975)

Turning Point (Columbia Records 1976)

Love And Touch (Columbia Records 1976)

Let's Be Closer Together (Columbia Records 1977)

I Can't Go On This Way (Columbia Records 1978)

In The Mood With Tyrone Davis (Columbia Records 1979)

Can't You Tell It's Me (Columbia Records 1979)

I Just Can't Keep On Going (Columbia Records 1980)

Everything In Place (Columbia Records 1981)

Tyrone Davis (Highrise Records 1982)

Something Good (Future Records 1983)

Sexy Thing (Future Records 1985)

Man Of Stone (Future Records 1987)

Pacifier (Future Records 1987)

Flashin' Back (Future Records 1988)

Come On Over (Ichiban Records 1990)

I'll Always Love You (Ichiban Records 1991)

Something's Mighty Wrong (Ichiban Records 1992)

You Stay On My Mind (Ichiban Records 1994)

Simply Tyrone: Davis (Malaco Records 1996)

Flashing Back (601 Records Records 1998)

Call Tyrone (Malaco Records 1999)

Relaxing With Tyrone (Malaco Records 2000)

Love Line (Malaco Records 2002)

Come To Daddy (Future Records 2003)

The Legendary Hall Of Fame (U.S. Endzone Records 2005)

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