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the elgins

The ElginsThe Elgins

Formed 1962, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

The Elgins comprised of, at varying times:

Sandra Edwards (later Sandra Mallett)

Cleo Miller

Robert Fleming

Norbert McClean

Johnny Dawson

The Elgins sang together during the late 1950's in the groups, The Sensations, The Five Emeralds and The Downbeats for the Motown Records imprint in 1959 and 1962 respectively.

The Downbeats also recorded tracks for the Lupine labels before signing to the Tamla label.

The group had ocassionally accompanied Marv Johnson.

In 1962, Sandra Edwards sang the song 'Camel Walk' / 'It's Going To Be Hard Times' for the Tamla label, backed by the Vandella's.

Saundra joined the group The Downbeats, which led to the formation of the Elgins, a name utilised by the Temptations after their enlistment to the Motown machinery.

It took three years before the group released their initial single release 'Darling Baby', a song penned by the Holland / Dozier / Holland team.

The song had been adapted from a Lamont Dozier's solo release entitled 'Dearest One' on Melody Records, June 1962.

The song made the Top Ten Stateside during 1966, hitting the number 4 spot on the R & B charts.

Perhaps the follow-up release became the groups finest moment in the form of 'Heaven Must Have Sent You', which was re-released in 1971, showcasing 'Put Yourself In My Place' on the flipside.

In 1967, the group seperated, following one further hit record.

The group later reformed for a U.K. tour, with Yvonne Vernee-Allen replacing Sandra.

By 1989, Ian Levine re-recorded 'Heaven Must Have Sent You', with the line-up comprising of Yvonne Allen, Johnny Dawson, Norman McLean and Jimmy Charles.

The group continued recording for the label with Sandra Edwards recording for the same label as a solo artist.

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Darling Baby (VIP 1966)

Take The Train (Motor City 1990)

Sensational (Motor City 1991)

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