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swing out sister

Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister comprise of:

Corinne Drewery, b. 21st September 1959, Nottingham, England

Andy Connell, b. 26th July 1961, Manchester, England


Martin Jackson, b 30th August 1958, Manchester, England

Andy and Martin were once part of the groups, A Certain Ratio and the group Magazine.

Their roots, however, are situated, almost completely, in Black music.

Joined by lead singer Corinne Drewery, the threesome combine several elements of Black music, along with hints of he likes of Jim Webb, to combine a unique sound that appeals to the R & B fan along with the diehard Northern Soul Fan.

Formed in Manchester in 1985, Corinne, Martin and Andy recorded their first song on a compilation entitled 'Beat Runs Wild', entitled 'Another Lost Weekend'.

Corinne was born in Nottingham, England and sang lead on their first single 'Blue Mood' in late 1985.

The follow-up single, 'Breakout' became a pop hit in the U.K. and in the Far East, reaching the Top 10 late in 1986.

The parent album, 'It's Better To Travel' followed in 1987, and included the song 'Twilight World'.

1989 saw the release of 'Kaliedoscope World', where they employed one of their main influences, namely Jim Webb, along with a full orchestra.

The album included the songs 'You On My Mind' and 'Waiting Game'.

In 1992, they group released 'Get In Touch With Yourself', this time without Martin Jackson on board.

The album included their take on the Barbara Acklin classic 'Am I The Same Girl'.

Swing Out Sister had, by now, become one of the biggest acts in Japan

In 1994, the group released 'The Living Return' for the Mercury imprint.

This was followed up by, the 1997 album, 'Shapes and Patterns' and the 1999 release 'Filth and Dreams'.

The group then released a live album entitled 'Live at the Jazz Cafe' in 2000, which was released in Japan, additionally.

By 2002, 'Somewhere Deep in the Night' hit the streets and contained the popular 'Alpine Crossing' that saw a remix, named after the U.K. deejay Robbie Vincent, issued.

'Almost Persuaded' followed in 2018.

Swing Out SisterSwing Out Sister

Two years later and the duo released 'Where Our Love Grows', which was followed in 2008 by a new album entitled 'Beautiful Mess' recorded for their own Swing Out Sister imprint.

Swing Out Sister occupy a unique part of Black Music's heritage that challenges the musical borders set by todays markets.

Swing Out Sister Website

Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister

kev roberts, corinne and richard searling taken at a soul allnighter 2004 (thanks corinne)

Swing Out Sister

almost persuaded - 2018

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It's Better to Travel (Mercury 1987)

Kaleidoscope World (Fontana 1989)

Get in Touch with Yourself (Polygram 1991)

Live (Alex 1993)

Swing Out Sister (Alex 1993)

Living Return (Mercury 1994)

Shapes and Patterns (Polygram 1997)

Another Non-Stop Sister [Japan] (Mercury 1999)

Filth and Dreams (Japanese 1999)

Live at the Jazz Cafe (Fontana 2000)

Somewhere Deep in the Night (EMI 2002)

Where Our Love Grows (Universal 2004)

Beautiful Mess (Swing Out Sister Records 2008)

Private View (Swing Out Sister Records 2012)

Almost Persuaded (Swing Out Sister Records 2018)

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