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skipworth and turner

Skipworth And Turner

Skipworth & Turner comprised of:

Rodney Skipworth b. New York, U.S.A. (keyboards / background vocals)


Phil Turner b. Memphis Tennessee, U.S.A. (lead vocals)

The pair met through being lead singers in rival bands in their home town of Syracuse, New York.

Rodney sang lead with New Sound Express, the longest surviving local band in Syracuse history (1972-83), while Phil was lead singer with Sunrise.

While Rodney was from Syracuse, Phil was born in Memphis and began a singing career with a group called The Fames after moving to Buffalo.

The Fames played gigs supporting The Manhattans and The O'Jays.

Rodney worked in a fast food restaurant during the day, and when Phil came in as a customer on one occasion they talked about a joint venture.

Signing to 4th & Broadway in 1985 they released 'Thinking About Your Love', a song Rodney had originally sung with New Sound Express.

It reached the UK Top 25, and was followed by a single 'Hot Pursuit' and a Patrick Adams produced album 'Skipworth & Tumer'.

From here they signed to Warner Brothers for a brief spell before a return to 4th & Broadway for singles 'Cash', 'Make It Last' (both 1989) and a 1990 Paul Simpson remix of 'Thinking About Your Love'.

The album, 'Harlem Nights' was released on the 4th and Broadway label in 1989.

From the album, the mid-tempo groover 'Make It Last,' was co-written by Raymond Earl and Kim Miller of Instant Funk.

The track 'Someday You'll Come Back to Me' has influences gleamed from their '80's contemporaries the System.

The ballad 'How Much Is Too Much' was written and produced by, Patrick Adams collaborator, Leroy Burgess (Black Ivory, Phreek, Herbie Mann).

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Skipworth & Turner (Fourth & Broadway Records 1985)

Harlem Nights (Fourth & Broadway Records 1989

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