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Silk comprised of:

Debra Henry (vocals)

Melvin Watson (bass guitar)

Dwight Smith (Clavinet)

Alvin Brown (Brass)

Tyrone Durham (Drums)

Clement Burnette (lead guitar)


Charles Mann (saxophone)

Silk were formerly known as Anglo Saxon Brown.

The group later became Silk for one album entitled 'Midnight Dancer' (1979).

It included the Philly soul 'rare groove' 'I Can't Stop Turning You On' and was released on the Philadelphia International label.

This group are sometimes confused with vocal trio Silk (Marlena Jeter, Maxi Anderson and Gwen Machu), a top background vocal session trio from Los Angeles who recorded an RCA album 'Smooth As Silk' (1977).

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Midnight Dancer (Philadelphia International Records 1979)

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