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sharon redd

Sharon Redd

b. Sharon Redd, 19th October 1945, Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.

d. 1st May 1992, Westchester County, New York, U.S.A.

Sharon Redd had an extensive entertainment pedigree.

Her father worked at King Records, her stepfather played in Benny Goodman's band, her brother was a writer/producer for Kool & the Gang and BMP, and her sister (Pennye Ford) is also a professional singer.

Sharon took classical voice lessons as a child in Norfolk, Virginia, and later had the lead role in the Australian version of 'Hair' as well as her own television special.

She went to London in the mid-'70's while appearing in an American production of 'The Wedding Of Iphigenia'.

Bette and Sharon on stage with bette midler

After returning to America, she got widespread recognition for being a 'Shaffer Beer Girl' and used the exposure to land a job as a background vocalist for Bette Midler.

The HarlettesSharon Redd

formerly of the harlettes - 1978 / sharon redd - 1980

As part of Bette Midler's group, the Harlettes, she released an album in 1978 entitled 'Formerly Of The Harlette's', along with the vocalists Ula Hedwig and Charlotte Crossley.

'Formerly Of The Harlettes' was produced by David Rubinson, who had previously worked with Labelle and The Pointer Sisters.

She also recorded background vocals on Norman Connors' 'You Are My Starship.'

Redd HottLove How You Feel

redd hott - 1982 / love how you feel - 1983

Sharon got her own deal from Prelude in 1980 and made three LPs for the label during the early '80's.

Her 1980 self titled album, featured the song 'Love Is Gonna Get Ya', which was popular amongst the soul fraternity.

She returned in 1991 with a new single, 'All the Way to Love.'

Sharon Redd died from pneumonia on the 1st May 1992, a complication from her contracting the A.I.D.S. virus.

The virus had weaked her immune system, which had become ineffective following the singer stepping on broken glass on stage.

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Sharon Redd (Prelude Records 1980)

Redd Hot (Prelude Records 1982)

Love How You Feel (Ramshorn Records 1983)

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