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Scherrie Payne

b. Scherrie Payne, 4th November 1944, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Scherrie Payne is probably best remembered as part of the latter line-up’s of the group the Supremes, during the mid Seventies.

She is also the younger sister of the Invictus recording artist, Freda Payne, who recorded the number one hit ‘Band Of Gold’ for the imprint.

Scherrie’s career began when she departed her teaching position at Detroit’s Grayling Observatory to join the group, the Glass House.

Glass House comprised of Scherrie, Ty Hunter, Pearl Jones, and Larry Mitchell.

Glass HouseGlass House

the glass house - 1971 / thanks i needed that - 1972

The group released two albums for the Invictus label, charting with the song ‘Crumbs Off The Table’, (U.S. R&B Top 10 in 1969.

Glass House released a few follow up 45’s, before Scherrie left the group when it folded in 1972, joining the ranks of the Supremes in 1975.

The SupremesThe SupremesThe SupremesThe Supremes

the supremes - 1975 / mary, scherrie and susaye - 1976 / high energy - 1976 / when i looked at your face - 1977

She remained with the trio between 1973 and 1977, singing on the albums ‘The Supremes’ (in 1975), ‘High Energy’ (in 1976), and ‘Mary, Scherrie & Susaye’ (in 1976).

Her vocal contributions did enable The Supremes to enter a new era, with the songs ‘I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking’ (from the High Energy), ‘You're My Driving Wheel’, ‘Let Yourself Go’, and ‘Love I Never Knew You Could Feel So Good’.

Scherrie, Mary, and Susaye officially disbanded the Supremes in 1977 with a farewell concert in London.

Scherrie PayneScherrie and Susaye

scherrie - 1976 / partners - 1979

She released a solo single for Motown entitled ‘Fly’ b/w ‘When I Look at Your Face’, later that year.

After the group folded, Sherrie recorded an album with her fellow ex-Supreme Susaye Greene, in 1979, entitled ‘Partners’.

After going solo, Scherrie released a series of singles, including ‘Incredible’, ‘I’m Not In Love’ and ‘One Night Only’.

Scherrie PayneScherrie Payne

incredible - 1987 / let yourself go - ep 2012

In 1987, she released the album, 'Incredible' for the Superstar International Records label, which included the hit ‘Incredible’ (a duet with Phillip Ingram).

That year, Scherrie rejoined a line-up of the Supremes, along with Jean Terrell and Lynda Laurence.

They toured under the name, the Former Ladies Of The Supremes (FLOS), mainly performing on the cabaret circuit.

In the late Eighties, she collaborated with the U.K. producer Ian Levine on his Motor City label.

At Motor City, Scherrie released two solo singles ‘Chasing Me Into Somebody Else's Arms’ and ‘Pure Energy’ (co-written by Scherrie).

In 2000, Scherrie and Lynda Laurence backed Diana Ross on the ‘Return To Love’ Supremes reunion tour.

To the present day, Scherrie continues to perform with fellow former Supremes member Lynda Laurence as the Formerly of The Supremes, and third member Joyce Vincent.

Scherrie Payne

Real Player


As Glass House:

The Glass House (Invictus Records 1971)

Thanks I Needed That (Invictus Records 1972)

As The Supremes:

The Supremes (Motown Records 1975)

Hi Energy (Motown Records 1976)

Mary, Scherrie & Susaye (Motown Records 1976)

As Scherrie & Susaye:

Partners (Motown Records 1979)

As Scherrie Payne:

Incredible (Superstar Internationsl Records 1987)

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