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roy hamilton

Roy Hamilton

b. Roy Hamilton, 16th April 1929, Leesburg, Georgia, U.S.A.

d. 20th July 1969, New Rochelle, New York, U.S.A.

Roy Hamilton hails from Georgia.

He was an American singer whose career reached it's peak in the R&B and pop charts during the 1950's.

Roy sang 'Unchained Melody' and 'You Can Have Her'.

Roy HamiltonRoy HamiltonRoy HamiltonRoy Hamilton

the voice of roy hamilton - 1954 / you'll never walk alone - 1955 / roy hamilton - 1955 / the golden boy - 1958

Roy HamiltonRoy HamiltonRoy HamiltonRoy Hamilton

with all my love - 1958 / have blues must travel - 1959 / come out swingin' - 1959 / why fight the feeling? - 1959

Roy HamiltonRoy HamiltonRoy HamiltonRoy Hamilton

spirituals - 1960 / you can have her - 1961 / mr rock and soul - 1962 / the impossible dream - 1966

Real Player


The Voice Of Roy Hamilton (Epic Records 1954)

You'll Never Walk Alone (Epic Records 1955)

Roy Hamilton (Epic Records 1955)

The Golden Boy (Epic Records 1957)

With All My Love (Epic Records 1958)

Why Fight The Feeling? (Epic Records 1959)

Come Out Swingin' (Epic Records 1959)

Have Blues, Must Travel (Epic Records 1959)

Roy Hamilton Sings Spirituals (Epic Records 1960)

Soft 'N' Warm (Epic Records 1960)

You Can Have Her (Epic Records 1961)

Only You (Epic Records 1961)

Mr Rock And Soul (Epic Records 1962)

The Great Golden Grooves (Epic Records 1963)

Warm Soul (Epic Records 1963)

Sentimental, Lonely And Blue (Epic Records 1964)

The Impossible Dream (Epic Records 1966)

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