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richie havens

Richie Havens

b. Richard Pierce Havens, 21st January 1941, Bedford-Stuyvesant District, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

d. 22nd April 2013, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Richie Havens isn't considered a Soul Artist at all in many musical circles, however, his contribution to Black Music and Black people has been, undeniably, immense.

His frenetic vocal delivery demands the listeners attention.

Richie was born in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

His father played piano, and at the age of 6, Richie performed on the 'Star Time, U.S.A' show (which had featured the likes of Bobby Darin and Connie Francis).

When Richie was 14 years old, he was singing with the McCrea Gospel singers.

He relocated to Greenwich Village in 1961 and later signed to Douglas Records later in 1965 recording two albums.

Two years later Richie signed to the new section of the MGM imprint, a folk division called Verve Forecast.


something else again - 1967 / mixed bag - 1968

By the time he released his third album 'Mixed Bag' (1967), Richie was beginning to achieve some success.

'Something Else Again' followed in 1968, with his fourth, third, and second albums charting the same year in timeline descending release order.

Richie Havens

In 1969, the double album 'Richard P. Havens 1983' was released and then he appeared at Woodstock the same year.

This concert made Richie a household name, and was followed by a movie of the event a year later.

'The Great Blind Degree' followed on the Stormy Forest imprint in 1971, and included an excellent version of the James Taylor song, 'Fire & Rain'.

By the end of the '70's, Richie had ceased recording and began concentrated on live performances.

One oddity came via the album 'Connections' for the Elektra label in 1980.

The Great Blind DegreeConnections

the great blind degree - 1971 / connections - 1980

The album contained a version of the Lamont Dozier evergreen 'Going Back To My Roots', which became a very popular dance tune on the emerging House Music scene some eight years, after it's initial release.

Lamont Dozier stated in 2004, that this was his favourite version of his song.

He returned to recording in 1987, with a new album entitled, 'Simple Things', an album of Bob Dylan and Beatles covers along with a compilation.

By 1991, Richie signed his first major-label deal in 15 years when he signed to the Sony Music imprint and released 'Now'.

'The Best of Richie Havens' followed on Rhino in 1993, along with 'The Classics' on Rebound in 1995 and '20th Century Masters - The Millennium' for Polygram in 2000.

By 2006, he was touring, performing at London's Jazz Cafe that year.

Richie Havens

In 2013, Richie died from a heart attack at his home in Jersey City. He was 72.

Real Player


Mixed Bag (Verve Records 1967)

The Richie Havens Record (Douglas Records 1968)

Electric Havens (Douglas Records 1968)

Somethin' Else Again (Verve Records 1968)

1984 (Verve Records 1968)

Richard P. Havens, 1983 (Verve Records 1969)

Stonehenge (Stormy Forest Records 1970)

A State of Mind (Verve Records 1971)

Alarm Clock (Stormy Forest Records 1971)

The Great Blind Degree (Stormy Forest Records 1971)

Richie Havens on Stage [live] (Stormy Forest Records 1973)

Portfolio (Stormy Forest Records 1973)

Catch My Soul (Metromedia Records 1973)

Mixed Bag 2 (Stormy Forest Records 1974)

Richie Havens (Polydor Records 1975)

The End of the Beginning (A & M Records 1976)

Mirage (A & M Records 1977)

Connections (Elektra Records 1980)

Common Ground (EMI Records 1984)

Simple Things (RBI Records 1987)

Live at the Cellar Door (Five Star Records 1990)

Sings Beatles & Dylan (Rykodisc Records 1990)

Now (Solar / Epic Records 1991)

Yes (Solar Records 1994)

Cuts to the Chase (Polydor Records 1994)

Collection (Rykodisc Records 1987)

Resume: The Best of Richie Havens (Rhino Records 1993)

The Classics (Rebound Records 1995)

20th Century Masters - The Millennium... (Polygram Records 2000)

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