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Revelation comprised of:

Arthur Freeman

Kevin Owens

Phillip Ballou (b. 22nd February 1950, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., d. 19th March 2005, New York, U.S.A.)

Benny Diggs

Morris Gray


Arnold McCuller

The group were originally a vocal quartet from New York including Phillip Ballou and Arnold McCuller, and this their first album was produced in Philadelphia.

The album was called 'Revelation', although so were three of their albums.

Revelation actually remade of Real Things' 'You to Me Are Everything', during this period.

The lead vocals were originally performed by Arnold McCuller, originally from Ohio, then New York and now Los Angeles where he has been a top session singer for a number of years.

He has also starred in the movies including 'Beaches' and 'Hollywood Nights' and toured for a while with the soft rock singer James Taylor.

Being on RSO at this time, the group toured extensively with The Bee Gees, although Norman Harris and his team gave the group a distinctive Philadelphia sound.

Norman was aided by Jerome Gasper, who later went on to a position with Epic Records, and Allan Felder worked for an electrical store but contributed lyrics to a number of Philly tunes.

Allan's sister Nadine Felder was lead singer with Honey & The Bees.

In 1978, they signed with RCA Records for an album entitled 'Make Every Day Count' accompanied by the New York Community Choir.

Get In Touch 1979Revelation 1982

The group were also uncredited performers on the late Vicki Sue Robinson dancer 'Turn The Beat Around'.

The group disbanded in the early eighties.

Philip Ballou went on the road with Luther Vandross, whilst Kevin Owens replaced the late Harry Ray in Ray, Goodman and Brown.

Owens also released material on an independent label in the early 90's.

Phillip Ballou passed away on the 19th of March 2005, in New York, from a stroke.

Very many thanks to Michael Lambert, in Germany, for his help with this page.

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Revelation (RSO Records 1975)

Make Every Day Count (RCA Records 1978)

Get In Touch (RCA Records 1979)

Revelation (Handshake Records 1980)

Revelation (Handshake Records 1982)

Revelation (Red Hot Records 1995)

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