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randy crawford

Randy Crawford

b. Veronica Crawford, 18th February 1952, Macon, Georgia, U.S.A.

Randy Crawford was born in Georgia in 1952, and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Her first singing experiences were in church and at school in her early teens.

On leaving school, Randy was a regular performer at the city's nightclubs, often accompanied by her father.

She performed at one gig with a group whose line-up included Bootsy Collins.

In 1972 she toured America as an opening act for George Benson.

Big ManRandy Crawford

cannonball adderley's 'big man' / randy - 1975

At this time Cannonball Adderley became interested in her career, and invited her to sing on his album 'Big Man' in 1975.

She signed briefly to CBS and recorded a debut single entitled 'Don't Get Caught In Love's Triangle'.

The song was produced by Johnny Bristol.

Randy then signed to Warner Brothers in 1976, a label where she was to record for 24 years.

Everything Must ChangeMiss Randy Crawford

everything must change - 1976 / miss randy crawford - 1977

Her debut album was entitled 'Everything Must Change', which was followed by 'Miss Randy Crawford' in 1977 and 'Raw Silk' in 1979 (the latter set featured the song 'Endlessly').

In 1979 she achieved mainstream fame as the voice on the song 'Street Life', a major hit single for the Crusaders.

Raw SilkNow We May Begin

raw silk - 1979 / now we may begin - 1980

Now We May Begin' followed in 1980, a set produced by The Crusaders and included the songs 'Last Night At Danceland' (U.K. Top 75) and 'One Day I'll Fly Away' (U.K. Top 5).

Randy toured extensively with the Crusaders, whose pianist, Joe Sample helped her establish her independent career.

Secret CombinationWindsong

secret combination - 1981 / windsong - 1982

In 1981, Randy released 'Secret Combination', perhaps her most successful album, produced by Tommy LiPuma and including 'You Might Need Somebody' (U.K. Top 20), 'Rainy Night In Georgia' (U.K. Top 20), the title track (U.K. Top 50) and 'Rio De Janeiro Blue'.

'Secret Combination' stayed on the Billboard album chart for sixty weeks.

In 1982, Randy was a featured artist on the album 'Casino Lights', recorded in Montreaux, Switzerland, and released the album 'Windsong', which included the songs 'Imagine' (U.K. Top 75) and 'One Hello' (U.K. Top 50).

NightlineAbstract Emotions

nightline - 1983 / abstract emotions - 1986

After a three year respite, she made a return to the top flight of the chart in 1986 with 'Almaz' which reached the Top 5, a song featured on the album 'Abstract Emotions'.

Rich and PoorThrough The Eyes Of Love

rich and poor - 1989 / through the eyes of love - 1992

Randy has found great success in the U.K., recording the album 'Rich And Poor' in London, including 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' featuring Eric Clapton.

Don't Say It's OverNaked and True

don't say it's over - 1993 / naked and true - 1995

'Naked And True' was released in 1995, and took Randy back to her roots, including her take on George Benson's tune 'Give Me The Night'.

Every Kind Of MoodPermanent

every kind of mood: Randy, Randi, Randee - 1997 / permanent - 2000

1997's set 'Every Kind Of Mood' was considered a return to form featuring the popular songs 'Changes' and 'I'd Be An Angel'.

In 2000, she returned to recording with the album 'Permanent', which featured the dancer 'Sweetest Thing'.

Feeling GoodNo Regrets

feeling good - 2006 / no regrets - 2008

Following the release of 'Permanent', Randy teamed up again with Joe Sample for two duet albums, 'Feelin' Good', in 2006, and 'No Regrets', in 2008, for the UCJ / PRA Records imprint.

Randy Crawford

Real Player


Everything Must Change (Warner Brothers Records 1976)

Miss Randy Crawford (Warner Brothers Records 1977)

Raw Silk (Warner Brothers Records 1979)

Now We May Begin (Warner Brothers Records 1980)

Secret Combination (Warner Brothers Records 1981)

Windsong (Warner Brothers Records 1982)

Nightline (Warner Brothers Records 1983)

Abstract Emotions (Warner Brothers Records 1986)

Rich And Poor (Warner Brothers Records 1989)

Through The Eyes Of Love (Warner Brothers Records 1992)

Don't Say It's Over (Warner Brothers Records 1993)

Naked And True (Bluemoon Records 1995)

Every Kind Of Mood: Randy, Randi, Randee (Bluemoon Records 1997)

Permanent (Warner Brothers Records 2000)

with Joe Sample

Feelin' Good (UCJ / PRA Records 2006)

No Regrets (UCJ / PRA Records 2008)

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