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randy brown

Randy Brown

b. Randy Brown, 1952, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Randy Brown is one of the most underrated soul vocalists of the last few decades.

His albums sell for large sums and each set is worth picking up.

After singing doo-wop and singing in his local church, Randy became the lead singer in The Newcomers who recorded on Stax/Volt Records.

The Newcomers

the newcomers

The group featured:

William Summers

Bert Brown

Terry Bartlet


Randy Brown

The Newcomers had some success with the single 'Pin The Tail On The Donkey' b/w 'Mannish Boy' in 1971.


columbia christian college - the newcomers - 1973

They released one album entitled 'Columbia Christian College CCC-1973 - Presents The Newcomers' in 1973.

That year, Randy left the Newcomers and recorded his first solo single, 'Did You Hear Yourself' for the Truth label (distributed by Stax Records).

Randy recorded a few sides for the Truth imprint, the majority being shelved and remain unreleased.

In 1975, Stax Records went to the wall and Randy became unemployed.

Randy salvaged what he could and took the recordings to Mainstream Records, where he recorded a few singles including 'You Can Be Cured' and 'Take A Few More Steps'.

He left Mainstream after a year after receiving a phone call from Carl Hampton, whom he had been at school with previously.

Randy recorded four tracks that were submitted to Russ Reagan at Parachute Records.

Randy BrownRandy Brown

One of the tunes, 'I'd Rather Hurt Myself (Than Hurt You)', impressed Reagan and he subsequently released the tune.

The track was well received and it was agreed that Randy should cut some further tracks, which went to completing the 'Welcome To My Room' album.

Randy BrownRandy BrownRandy BrownRandy Brown

welcome to my room - 1978 / intimately - 1979 / midnight desire - 1980 / randy - 1981

The album is considered by soul purists, as perhaps, his finest album, with one highlight being the tender 'I Wanna Make Love To You'.

Randy recorded for the Parachute and Chocolate City labels in the late '70's and early '80's, often performing songs written by the late Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks, who also produced much of the material on 'Intimately' and 'Midnight Desire'.

Brown's lone hit was 'We Ought To Be Doin' It' in 1980, which made it to number 16 on the R & B charts.

Randy BrownRandy Brown

Randy kept recording, and released material in 1988 for Three-Way Records.

Randy is the brother of William Brown III, a member of The Mad Lads.

'Welcome To My Room' was re-released on CD in the year 2000.

Randy is alive and well and living in Memphis to this day.

Thanks to Leo Hallin In Sweden for this help with information on this page.

Randy Brown

Real Player


Check It Out (Stax Records 1975)

Welcome to My Room (Parachute Records 1978)

Intimately (Parachute Records 1979)

Midnight Desire (Chocolate City Records 1980)

Randy (Chocolate City Records 1981)

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