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peaches & herb

Peaches & Herb

Peaches And Herb were:

Herbert Feemster (b. Herbert Feemster, 1st October 1942, Anacostia, Washington, U.S.A.)


Francine Edna Hurd Barker (b. 28th April 1947, Washington D.C, U.S.A., d. Saturday 13th August 2005, Hyattsville, Prince George's County, Maryland, U.S.A.)

Francine Hurd BarkerFrancine Hurd Barker

Francine earned the nickname 'Peaches' as a child, mainly due to her gentle disposition.

The original Peaches and Herb members formed in 1965.

'Peaches' sang in several groups in her teenage years, including the Keynotes and the Darlettes (a group she instigated herself).

The group were later to become known as the Sweet Things.

Teaming up with Van McCoy, Francine along with her new singing partner, one Herb Feemster (later to be known as Herb Fame), began recording such songs as 'We're In This Together' and 'Let's Fall In Love'.

The duo's emerging popularity earned them the nickname of 'the Sweethearts Of Soul'.

Following several other notable sides, Herb left the duo to become a policeman in 1970.

He enlisted a new 'Peaches' to the ranks in 1976, one Linda Greene. They went on to record the chart topper 'Reunited'.

Francine then went into a coma, that lasted 10 years.

For the past 9 years, she was cared for by her husband and daughter.

She suffered, additionally, from a brain aneurysm and stroke, and came out of the condition about a year after the incident in 1996.

She also had several toes amputated recently, not due to diabetes, but due to another ailment.

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Let's Fall In Love (Date Records 1967)

For Your Love (Date Records 1967)

Peaches And Herb (MCA Records 1977)

2 Hot! (Polydor Records 1978)

Twice The Fire (Polydor Records 1979)

Worth The Wait (Polydor Records 1980)

Sayin' Something! (Polydor Records 1981)

Remember (Columbia Records 1983)

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