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pat lewis

Pat Lewis

b. Patsy Lewis, 23rd October 1947, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Pat Lewis is an American soul singer.

She has, also, been backing vocalist since the 1960's.

Pat and her sisters started the group, the Adorables (group members: Pat Lewis, Diane Lewis, Betty Winston and Jackie Winston).

The group recorded for the Golden World imprint.

Pat also recorded for the Solid Hit label in 1966-67.

Pat LewisPat Lewis

Can't Shake It Loose b/w Let's Go Together - 1966 / seperation - 1991

In the early 1990's, Pat was part of the 'Motown renaissance' at Motorcity Records in the U.K.

She recorded with the Andantes (members: Pat Lewis, Louvain Demps, Jackie Hicks, and Marlene Barrow) at this time.

Pat is often a visitor to the U.K., performing at Northern Soul venues.

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