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The OrlonsThe Orlons

The Orlons were a mixture of school friends and neighbours hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., formed in 1960.

The group comprised of:

Shirley Brickley (b. 9th December 1944, U.S.A., d. 13th October 1977, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - murdered by an intruder in her home)

Steve Caldwell (b. 22nd November 1942, U.S.A.)

Rosetta Hightower (b. 23rd June 1944, U.S.A.)

and Marlena Davis (b. Marlena Easley, 4th October 1944, U.S.A., d. 27th February 1993, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - from lung cancer).

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The OrlonsThe Orlons

The OrlonsThe Orlons

The OrlonsThe Orlons

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The Wah-Watusi (Cameo 1962)

All The Hits (Cameo 1963)

South Street (Cameo 1963)

Not Me (Cameo 1963)

Down Memory Lane (Cameo 1963)

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