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oliver sain

Oliver Sain

b. Oliver Sain Jr., 1st March 1932, Dundee, Mississippi, U.S.A.

d. 28th October 2003, St. Louis, Missourri, U.S.A.

Born in Dundee, Mississippi, Oliver Sain was, mainly, remembered for his fine sax playing, however he was an accomplished songwriter, bandleader, drummer and a highly regarded producer.

Raised in Dundee, he developed his skills as a saxophone player.

Oliver relocated back to St. Louis in 1959, later to set up a recording studio in 1966 called the Archway Studio.

His many musical achievements included discovering Bobby McClure and Fontella Bass.

He was also credited with launching the career of Little Milton, who became a vocalist in Oliver's band.

His first recordings were made in 1962 for the Bobbin imprint and featured Fontella and Little Milton in the group.

Oliver worked with many diverse artists, ranging from Puff Diddy to Loretta Lynn.

During the 1970's he became popular on the dancefloor with hits such as 'Bus Stop', 'Booty Bumpin', 'Party Hearty' and 'Feel Like Dancing'.

He struck a chord with fusion fans with his 1981 album entitled 'So Good (In The Morning)', an album that contained the popular melody 'Cruisin On Sunset'.

Oliver Sain passed away on the 28th of October 2003, in St. Louis County from a bone cancer that had followed on from a previous bladder cancer he developed in 1995. He was 71.

Oliver performed, live, right up until his passing.

Real Player


Main Man (Abet Records 1973)

Bus Stop (Abet Records 1974)

Blue Max (Abet Records 1975)

So Good In The Morning (Houston Connection Records 1981)

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