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miles jaye

Miles Jaye

b. Miles Jaye Davis, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Miles Jaye hails from New York

Initially, he studied violin and had ambitions to play in an orchestra.

During five years with the air force he took up keyboards and bass, and developed vocal skills too.

Returning to New York he played club dates and hooked up with guitarist Eric Gale.

From here he worked with Phyllis Hyman as instrumentalist while moonlighting for two years as a member of the Village People (the Policeman).

After sending a tape of his songs to Teddy Pendergrass he was signed to Teddy's Top Priority Productions and recorded an album 'Miles', including 'Let's Start Love Over', released by Island Records in 1987.

Miles also wrote and produced 'Good To You' and 'I'm Ready' for the Teddy Pendergrass album 'Joy' before signing directly to Island.

In 1989 Miles released a follow up album 'Irresistible', including 'Objective', 'Heaven' and 'Message', highly acclaimed within the UK soul fraternity.

His third album for the label was 'Strong', including 'Sensuous, (1991).

Several releases followed throughout the Nineties and into the Millennium, culminating in the album 'Humanity', released in 2003.

The set was written, performed, produced and engineered by Miles and was released on the Blacktree Records imprint.

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Miles (Island 1987)

Irresistible (Island 1989)

Strong (Island 1991)

The Odyssey (Black Tree 1998)

Divine Ascension (Black Tree 2000)

Romantic Storm (Black Tree 2000)

Christmas Without You (Black Tree 2000)

Humanity (Black Tree 2003)

Time To Get My Mind Right (Miles J. Davis 2008)

The Truth About Love (Miles J. Davis 2009)

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