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mighty sam mcclain

Mighty Sam McClain

b. Samuel McClain, 15th April 1943, Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.A.

d. 16th June 2015, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Born in Monroe, Louisiana, a young Sam McClain began singing in his mother church, at a very early age.

At the start of his tens, Sam left home to tour the Chitlin' circuit, along with the guitarist Melvin Underwood.

Two years later, and Sam had become the lead singer in the group.

In 1966, Sam was discovered by the deejay Papa Don Schroeder in Pensacola, Florida.

Sam recorded a version of the Patsy Cline song ‘Sweet Dreams’.

Further recordings followed at the Muscle Shoals studio’s, including ‘Fannie-May’ and ‘In the Same Old Way’.

When he was not performing, or recording, Sam worked in several labouring jobs.

By 1989, he had began touring and recording in Japan.

During the early Nineties, Sam had relocated to New England.

Collaborating with Joe Harley and AudioQuest Music, Sam releasing ‘Give It Up To Love’ and ‘Keep On Movin'.

He relocated again, this time to New Hampshire, releasing ‘Sledgehammer Soul and Down Home Blues’.

Further releases followed, including ‘Journey’ and ‘Joy & Pain’ for the CrossCut Records imprint.

His final AudioQuest released was ‘Soul Survivor: The Best of Mighty Sam McClain’ in 1999.

Sam signed to the Telarc Blues imprint in 1999, releasing ‘Blues for the Soul’ (in 2000) and ‘Sweet Dreams’ (in 2001).

Sam then set up McClain Productions, and set up his own record label, Mighty Music.

‘One More Bridge To Cross’ was released in February 2003, ‘Betcha Didn't Know’ in 2009, which was nominated by the Blues Association as ‘the Soul/Blues Album of 2010'.

In 2008, Sam set up the 'Give US Your Poor' project, which was designed to help the homeless.

He later co-wrote (with the saxophonist Scott Shetler), ‘Show Me the Way’.

Sam performed at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, and at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Mighty Sam & Mahsa

might sam and mahsa vahdat

In 2009, he recorded an album of duets with the Iranian folk singer, Mahsa Vahdat, entitled ‘Scent of Reunion: Love Duets Across Civilizations’.

In 2012, Sam recorded ‘Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey)’ , the title track penned by Sam and Pat Herlehy.

The song was nominated for a Blues Music Award in the 'Best Song' category.

In 2014, Sam appeared on the compilation ‘Songs from a Stolen Spring’.

The Soul and Blues singer, Mighty Sam McClain, has died. Sam was 72.

He had suffered a stroke earlier this year. The cause of death is not yet known.

Mighty Sam McClain died in 2015. Sam was 72.

He had suffered a stroke earlier in 2015.

Real Player


Your Perfect Companion (Orleans Records 1986)

Deadball (Deadball Records 1986)

Mighty Sam - Nothin But The Truth (Charly R&B Records 1988)

Give It Up To Love (AudioQuest Records 1993)

Keep On Movin' (AudioQuest Records 1995)

Bluesmaster (AudioQuest Records 1995)

Sledgehammer Soul And Down Home Blues (AudioQuest Records 1996)

Keep On Movin' (JVC Records 1997)

Give It Up To Love (JVC Records 1997)

Sledgehammer Soul And Down Home Blues (Audioquest Records 1997)

Blues For The Soul (Telarc Records 2000)

Sweet Dreams (Telarc Records 2001)

One More Bridge To Cross (Mighty Music Records 2003)

Betcha Didn't Know (Mighty Music Records 2009)

Scent of Reunion: Love Duets Across Civilizations (Valley Records 2010)

One Drop Is Plenty Civilizations (Kirkelig Kulturverksted Records 2011)

Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey) (Mighty Music Records 2012)

Deeper Tone of Longing: Love Duets Across Civilizations (Valley Records 2012)

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