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michael wycoff

Michael Wycoff

b. Michael Wycoff, 1st January 1956, Torrance, California, U.S.A.

d. 13th March 2019, California, U.S.A.

Michael Wycoff is an accomplished singer, and keyboard player, who is, probably, most fondly remembered for his 1982 Soul music evergreen ‘Looking up To You’.

In his early years, Michael attended Wilmington Jr High and Phineas Banning High Schools in Wilmington, California.

He played keyboards and performed in the school's talent shows.

During the Seventies, Michael vocally participated in Stevie Wonder’s epic landmark album ’Songs in The Key Of Life’.

Michael was part of the West Angeles Church of God Choir on the song ‘Pastime Paradise’.

In 1976, with the help of his brother-in-law, he was introduced to the artist D.J. Rogers.

D.J. took Michael on tour and included him in the recording sessions for the album ‘On the Road Again’.

Michael WycoffMichael Wycoff

do the camel hump - 1978 / come to my world - 1980

In 1978, Michael released a one off single entitled, ‘Do the Camel Hump’.

By the turn of the Eighties, Michael had landed a recording contract with the RCA records imprint.

At RCA, he released three albums, the first of which was 1980’s ‘Come Into My World, (produced by Steve Tyrell).

Michael WycoffMichael Wycoff

love conquers all - 1982 / on the line - 1983

in 1982, the follow up album ‘Love Conquers All’ featured the Leon Ware/Zane Grey anthem ‘Looking Up to You’ (a track alter sampled by the group Zhane on their song ‘Hey Mr. DJ’).

The album was produced by the late Webster Lewis, and also featured a duet with Evelyn Champagne King on ‘Can We Be Friends’.

His final album for RCA arrived in 1983, entitled ‘On The Line’, the album featured the popular ‘Tell Me Love’, his most successful single (reaching number 23 on the R&B Charts).

In the early Eighties, Michael played keyboards on the Bobby Womack albums, ‘The Poet II’ and ‘So Many Rivers’.

After these album releases, Michael’s fortunes waned.

He became addicted to to drugs and alcohol, resulting in the loss of his career, his home and his family.

Michael turned to his faith and dealt with his demons, later becoming Minister of Music at several Los Angeles area churches.

During the new millennium, Michael’s three RCA albums were released through the Funky Town Grooves (FTG) and Big Break (BBR) imprints.

Michael sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2019.

Michael Wycoff

Real Player


Come To My World (RCA Records 1981)

Love Conquers All (RCA Records 1982)

On The Line (RCA Records 1983)

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