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michael cooper

Michael Cooper

b. Michael Vernon Cooper, Vallejo, California, U.S.A.

Born in California, Michael Vernon Cooper's musical career began in high school, forming a group called Project Soul with Louis McCall.

A highly versatile performer Michael's musical skills were wide and varied, excelling on guitar, sitar, timbales, percussion and as a vocalist.

In 1972, he and Louis moved to Memphis where they formed the group Con Funk Shun.

Michael became lead singer and wrote songs for the group before signing to Warner Brothers as a solo artist in 1987.

His first solo album release was 'Love Is Such A Funny Game' (1987) including 'To Prove My Love' (which made it to number three on the R & B charts).

His follow-up release, 'Just What I Like', in 1989, was also moderately successful.

In the meantime, he co-wrote ' Do Me Right' for Pebbles.

There then followed, 'Get Closer', included appearances from jazz musicians Roy Ayers, Charles Tolliver, and Buddy Montgomery and was issued in 1992.

In 2001, Michael returned to recording, releasing 'This Heart Of Mine' which included a competent version of Stevie Wonder's 'Looking For Another Pure Love' (originally on Stevie's 'Talking Book' album from 1972).

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Love Is Such a Funny Game (Reprise Records 1987)

Just What I Like (Reprise Records 1989)

Get Closer (Reprise Records 1992)

This Heart of Mine (Lightyear Records 2001)

Are We Cool? (Reprise Records 2004)

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